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Low Carb Energy Boost for Workouts?

I’m doing a low carb diet (1 month now) and when I get to the gym my energy isn’t what it was before I started trying to lose weight. Does anyone know a cheap way to increase energy while keeping carbs low, if only for an hour or 2?

Spike always works, caffeine-free or regular Spike Shooters. They have zero carbs, zero calories, and always give me a boost when I need one.


I’m just about to turn 17 in a month. Is it alright for me to use Spike then? On the product page it says not to use it if under 18. I also would like to avoid jitters. That said, which Spike would be best, Spike Extreme Energy? Extreme Energy seems more cost effective, and says it doesn’t give jitters. I’m only planning on using Spike on the 3 days I lift, not every day.

I think Spike would be fine for you, if you don’t want jitters, you can use Caffeine-Free Spike (which I recently purchased and gives a good boost). If you don’t want to use Spike, Power Drive will give you a little boost, but it will give you more of an increase in focus and brain power related to your workout. Power Drive is a good pre-workout too though if you don’t wanna do Spike.

HOT-ROX Extreme also works.

Why don’t you just have carbs, unless you are trying to get rid of “the last bit” i don’t think there is a need for low carb, you can get the same results with carbs and the majority of the time faster results beause you can train harder …