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Low carb diets

Why do low carb or keto diets seem to reduce sex drive in some individuals? ones first assumption would be that these types of diets lower test levels. on the otherhand i have read that keto diets prime the hormonal system.

Most people Keto to lose weight. That being the case I beleive it has more to do with being hypocaloric than being keto. Try having those people up their cals and I bet that will straighten right out.

when i tried a ‘full blown’ keto diet i just had no energy…for anything. and when walking up a flight of stairs made me have to stop and rest, the thought of sex made me want to go take a nap.

My wife and I are on a modified low carb diet, give or take 40 to 100 grams/day, with going over 100 on cesrtain days, like every 3rd or 4th day, per Rob Faigin’s diet plan. But with his plan, we also eat a little more saturated fat which can increase testosterone, plus we eat more meat which has increased our energy levels, not decreased, because we’re eating smaller meals. We don’t seem to need as many calories per mealhowever, we eat 5-6 meals a day (typical bodybuilding and longevity plan), and if we’re hungry, we eat, and we still eat what we want, just not pasta, very little bread, etc, and when we do, we can just about taste the carbs/sugar in it! We use olive oil in our cooking and in our protein shakes. We’ve been on this “diet” since Aprilshe lost over 10 lbs and she doesn’t work out~~I’ve lost 15 and I weight train on a lifetime basis. Plus I do a lot of work at work, which usually involves most muscles. We both feel the Atkins diet is too restrictive, and other’s like Faigin’s should be modified to your instinct. We know now we were eating too many carbs before, but in certain times, we up them as we need them.

Check out my letter in this week’s reader mail section. I have suggested a possibility for why this occurs.