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Low-carb diets

Hi I have a pretty good question that i need help with. This summer I gained 17 lbs using biotets ribose-c and Otimum Nutrion 100% whey. Ive heard a lot about these low-carb diets and Id like to try one for cutting up and maybe getting a little bigger. How can I go about do this without my muscles getting flat from the lack of carbs in my diet. Id like to keep my size. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Walter, it depends on what that 17 pounds of “gain” was. I was worried about this when I started a ketogenic diet (losing size that is) until one of my best friends came right out and called me on my size calling me a “fat fucker”. He was right, I was big but also had tits and a gut (big arms though). Although I have the impression that many of the people in the t-mag forum are pretty cut I was not, so losing a little muscle was ok to get cut. If your 15% or under and commit to a ketogenic diet during the week and a “smart” carb up during the weekends I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how little muscle you’ll lose. Here’s a hint for the carb up… Rather than wasting your money on a liquid carb source go to a home brewing supply store and by a shitload of bottling sugar. It’s like a buck a pound and all it is, is corn sugar and it’s almost pure glucose, mix it with your protein shakes, good luck

First off, head to the T-mag previous issues section and read four articles: Eat Like a Man Part I and II, The T-Dawg Diet and the T-Dawg Diet Q and A. I prefer the T-Dawg, then again, I co-wrote it so I’m biased. To avoid the flat feeling on a low carb diet, try a mid-week carb up. On Wednesday, simply add in some extra carbs. Don’t expect to feel “perfect” on a low carb diet, but there’s no reason to feel like crap either (at least after the first week or so.)

Hey guys thanks for the information. Ive been reading t-mag since around issue 40 and have learned a great deal of information. Almost all of the weight I gained was muscle. My bodyfat is right about 10%. About a one percent increase. Ive read a bunch of the low-carb articles I just wanted to hear it from all the guys on the board. Thanks again for the info.