Low carb diets

Having used the Anabolic diet at 1800 cals for 1 week as a test run, and with good effect, I am now on week 3 of a gaining cycle. Taking 2400-2600 cals per day at a weight of 166lbs. I have gaind about 3 lbs so far with no change in fat %. My only carbs are from green vegies which I eat twice a day. I eat bacon and eggs for breakfast, oily fish and mayo for lunch, steak or chicken with cheese for tea and have 3 drinks of protien and flax oil per day.
Problem is, “Constapation”. Its dreadful. I am quickly losing my appetite and am on the verge of coming off. I have tried all the usual fibre supplements and 2 different prescribed high fibre goodies.

Any ideas out there. Can Bill or Brock help. I have no problem injecting something if that is what it takes to keep mobile.

Its called fleet enema.

Sounds like you’re in serious need of fiber my man. Try taking something like apple pectin and making sure that you stay sufficiently hydrated. Good luck. Being constipated just isn’t fun.

Psyllium Husk, 100% fiber, no useable calories. You can get it pretty cheap at any health food store, I got a pound for $6 Canadian. Take around 2 Tbsp or maybe a bit more a day, it’ll definitely help you out.

H2O, Agua, Water! In other words: Stay well hydrated by drinking water. If you are not getting enough water all the fiber in the world will do you no good. As a matter of fact, the body, if having reached a certain level of dehydration will utilize the moisture that is found in your waste. It simply draws it through the intestinal wall. Now if that doesn’t make one want to stay well hydrated nothing will. I would suggest a minimum of 64oz. a day. Note: that is the minimum for basic maintenance. I would suggest closer to a gallon or more if you can manage it. I am not including other drinks in that recommendation either. I don’t even count other drinks. Make sure that when you get up the first thing you do to get your day started is drink 8-24oz of water. When you workout I suggest that you use a container for water also. Much easier to keep track of how much you are drinking. Water fountains are deceiving. We think that we are drinking more than we actually are. And lastly, as if I haven’t beaten a dead horse enough already, don’t wait until you are thirsty before you get a drink. Stay ahead of your body’s warning system. “Red Alert! Need Water!” Consequently the thirst urge. Cheers!!! :o)

Thanks lads, but the husks have been tried and tried and failed.
Latest was milk of magnesia, guaranteed to shift anything in 3 hours. But No, Not this time.
Now the enema sounds like fun, but I don’t see it happening every day, unless we get a goodlooking nurse of course.
Seriously though folks, its gonna take something more potent than the above. Thanks for your concerne

Try taking the psyllium husks on an empty stomach before bedtime.Be sure to also get it in a fine ground form, it is absorbed better.Also be sure drink around 16 ounces of water everytime you take it.Take in a daily amount of 18-24 grams of this stuff.If that still doesn’t work try a laxative like Senna, which can be bought from brands like Exlax or even teas(teas containing Senna are actually pretty effective when it is drinked before bedtime).Lastly if none of these work, I guess you should come off the diet since your health is a lot more important.Good luck.