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Low Carb Diets and Women


after successfully losing around 15kg earlier this year a female friend asked for some advice on fat loss, i got her on the same diet i did low carb(under 30 grams a day), and have her aiming for about 200 grams of protein a day, and aim between 1500-2000cals a day.

She has said the last few days she hasn't been able too stop heaving aside from food intolerance and pregnancy I can't think of any other reason why she can't keep food down.

the basic food i have her eating is a basic meat and vegetable type diet. All the food's she has been eating she hasn't thrown up before, however both times she has been sick she has eaten out. one time steak and green veggies the other being eggs, so could it be the minute chance that both restaurants served her off food?

sorry but this has got me utterly stumped.


This happened to my mother and sister under similar circumstances.

Fresh meat and especially fibrous veggies are much harder to digest than carbs. Also, I think carbohydrates(sweetness) trigger more salivation that would be missing in a low carb diet.
New foods are going to be harder to digest because her digestive enzyme concentrations aren't yet adapted to tackle more "complete" proteins.

1500-2000 kcal is probably too much.
My mother had problems with 1000 kcal of veggies and meat to start out with even though she had no problems downing a daily 2000-3000 kcal of garbage foods previously.

She eats 2500 kcal now with 40-50 grams carbs.
As a reference for you, she's lost 20 lbs of BW so far looking for 10-20 more.

Good luck.


is she pregnant and you told her to go low carb???


One size diet does not fit all.

The macro ratios may be too far off from what she's used to.

How much does she weigh?
What's her bodyfat%? (no shoe pics)
How did you decide on 200g of protein?
1500 to 2000 calories is a wide range.
Does she lift, and with what intensity?
What about her metabolic rate?
What are her goals as opposed to yours?

Here's an article describing the formula to gague a diet considering some of the factors I described above:



A pregnant woman shouldn't be low carb dieting or really dieting at all. Thats fucking stupid.


no she isn't pregnant, I brought up the possibility of why she's getting sick may be because she is pregnant and not aware of it yet.


Women often get sick when they stray away from the kitchen and or laundry room, their natural habitat.

In more serious talks, has she started any new supplements? Mainly fatburners or something of the sorts. These often coupled with a new diet can upset peoples stomachs in general.

Also depending on her size, it may just be too much food to consume if shes eating real clean. Stuffing down 3000 calories of clean foods in a task for me and I can eat with the best of them.

Try less calories, stop certain foods because of possible allergies, and basicly go from there.

Or stop having unprotected sex with her, that could help. She sounds preggers to me.


This has happened to me before. Food I tolerate just fine at home makes me sick when I eat out. Often restaurants "season" vegetables with a sugar based mix. If I'm not accustomed to carbs in general and get what amounts to a shot of pure sugar, it doesn't sit well. Which makes the next meal not sit well... and so on until it clears my system. Good luck! 76-SH


no fat burners, after further question she said she has only been sick twice in a week. From memory I had a phase where I was struggling too put food down at the start but I was on fat burners.

The reason why I thought we should go with a low carb diet with her is looking at what she eats in a normal day there are always carb , and with her recently(the past 3-4 months) she has stacked on a lot of weight, so taking out where she gets the bulk of her calories from should help her lose weight. This assumption is based off that it worked for me as I had a similar diet(obviously higher protein and calories in general)

so hopefully I can change her eating habits and behaviors(slowly getting her into lifting weights and fasted walks first thing in the morning) so she doesn't stack the weight back on again.

After reading replies posted here I firmly believe it may be the fact that she rarely ate meat that is causing the issue with her being ill.


Call me stupid but sounds like the Anabolic Diet.