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Low Carb Diet Side Effects


Yesterday I started the 1st stage of a low carb diet. I am not exceeding 30 grams a day and almost all of them enter my body before 10:00 a.m. My body feels wierd and fatigued. I am working ou hard still. How long until the side effects go away? I heard somewhere around a week. Does that sound right?


Yeah, dude. About a week should have you feeling less mind fog, etc--though you will likely not feel 100%.

Sorry, I would have responded sooner, but I had to go get a big glass of milk to wash down this DELICIOUS baked potato.


Did you drastically drop from where you used to be? 30 grams is not a lot especially if you were up around 150-200. You will experience some nasty fatigue and feeling tired if you drop too quickly...at least I do.

You should be getting carbs all day especially with your major meals. I'm talking about veggies. There are some carbs in them. Might be better if you spread them throughout the day if you're just eating them all in one sitting.


I started the Reined Physique Transformation yesterday. It says for me to get no more than 30 grams a day. My post workout shake which I usualy have between 9:00 to 10:00 in the morning is giving me 22 of them.

It was a drastic cut however. It is fine as long as I know this will go away in the near future. Also, I have a cup of coffe in the early morning to help get my ass out of bed and go to the gym. Do I need toget rid of that too?


Coffee is your friend.


Thats what I think....some articles are saying that I need to eliminate caffine however.




you are lucky to only feel tired/fatigued from it lol

whenever iv tried low carb diets i usually get hypoglycemic even if i eat alot of fat/protein


a couple grams of taurine will likely be even better. keeps your adrenal glands open to deal with the other things that are going on as well.



yeah i reckon the op and most others going form tons 'o carbs to low should do it gradually. reduce by 30g each day till you get to the target point. or take it down every 2 days. whatever you need to stay healthy on the way there,



I started RPT a week ago yesterday. While I don't have a problem going low carb per se, I did notice the brain fog and lethargy the first week. Started feeling better around Saturday.

Bought some ketostix yesterday and found I am now in moderate ketosis. Feeling way better now: sleeping well and energy has returned. Hang in there.


What are your previous stats before starting the diet what are you going for.. I plan on doing the same thing after i hit my weight goal of 215 and want to know your experience keep us updated!


It should subside 10-14 days more than likely...if not you probably need to increase your fat intake which is the only energetic nutrient you will really be ingesting. I would give it more time though.


I weigh around 235 and am 5 feet 10 inches. I have worked out 5 days a week for around 3 months. My strength went up but weight has stayed the same. I am around 20% Body Fat. I have been eating moderately healthy except for carbs. I stayed away from bad carbs, but I ate alot of the good carbs. I would like to drop 20 to 30 lbs by summer.

One question I have about the RPT is that there is not much cardio. I was doing alot more cardio previously. Can you really drop the pounds with out extreme cardio? I am only walking for 30 minutes 2 times a week after my lactate inducing work outs....is this right?


There are a few ideas about cardio and fatloss. Some say that you should train for strength to keep muscle and use cardio as the catalyst to lose weight. Other's say use your weighttraining to do that. Here's MY opinion. Did you decrease cals when you started RPT? If so, are you losing weight? The reason is this...you're fatloss is gonna stall at some point. So if you're doing a ton of cardio and working out and you cut calories, you're screwed.

However..if you cut cals initially and are losingweight from the workouts don't sweat it. That way when fatloss stalls you can add in cardio..but do so slowly. That way if/when it stalls again you can add in more cardio. You want to be doing the minimal amount of extra effort to lose fat so that when it stalls you're not going to extremes to ramp it back up. Btw...dropping cals after you initally calculate your needs should be a last resort and imho is not neccessary at all.


Clarification I'm talking about your specific case...obviously if you were competing you'd probly have to drop cals at some point.


I have basicaly been eating all of the meats and good fats I want. But very few carbs. Am I on my way of just becoming a fat ass? I thought that this is how I am supposed to eat.


Thibs outlines a very good approach to easing the transition into a ketogenic state in his regressive ketogenic diet article. Basically the first three days are getting 70% of your cals from fat and 30% from protein, then switching to 50-50 and having one moderate carb day for the first week. I think you're overthinking things and also you seem a little new at this. How long have you been training? RFT is a solid program, read the discussion on that and you'll see what I mean.


I trained hard for 10 years weighing 185, bench pressing 365. I feel out of the grove for 5 years and have been traing for around 6 months.


Alright, well if you trained hard for ten years you should make progress back to where you were originally at faster than someone who is starting for the first time. I've used a ketogenic diet many times and I've never gained fat or lost muscle on it. Low carb diets can mess with you mentall/physically at first though. The higher your fat intake compared to the other macronutrients the easier it will be for your body to adjust. Hope that helps.