low carb diet +me = FAT bastard!


I have been trying the t-dawg diet and after following for 3 weeks gained 1 kg. I don’t feel this is a muscle gain, looks more and feels like fat.

I would assume that I am just eating too much but before I cut back could there be another reason such as my body doesn’t like the low carb action?

You have to be eating too much. Almost everyone loses weight at low carbs. Are you naturally fat or lean? Some people do better on higher carbs and low fat. What is your weight, bodyfat %, and how many calories are you eating? Also what types of food are you eating?

If you’ve been fairly lean eating a typical american diet throughout childhood and if you’ve done well on carbs (no hypoglycemia etc.) in the past then there is a chance your body just doesn’t oxidize fats very well and this may not be the diet for you. It may also mean that even the carbs you’re consuming in the postworkout drink are sticking around too long and interfering with the burning of fat for energy. If this is the case you either need to decrease total calories and/or eliminate some carbs postworkout and all other times. You might also try experimenting with a couple of days of high low glycemic carb intake with low fat and easy to digest protein sources (such as protein drinks). If you do this for a few days and suddenly find that you’ve lost weight than chances are the higher fat diet is not for you.