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Low Carb Diet=Hungry


I started on the T-Dawg 2.0 diet 3 days ago, and the whole "low carb" deal has got me starving.

I used JB's guide to dieting and using the LBM x 12. My guess is that my BF is around 16% and at 178 lbs, it would put me at about 150 lbs of lbm.

150 x 12 =1800 calories. I tried this the first day, and felt starved. I upped it to 1950 and still felt a little hungry. I then added another hundred today to put me 250 cals over JB's reccomended dieting calorie intake.

I've been mainly eating lean beef, turkey breast, eggs, my carbs coming from broccoli, carrots, corn (in my pwo meal) and spinach. My fats are mainly from eggs, flax meal, fish oil pills, and olive oil.

I wasnt as hungry as these past two days, but I sure as hell wasnt satisfied. I realize I'm cutting and wont be full all the time, but is being hungry for a significant part of the day included in cutting?


More veggies, and DAMN are you sure on that 1950 that damn low for anything by JB and anyone IMO 2000 is damn low for anyone who carries muscle and is active. Id go for Total as opposed to lean body mass.

How fast are you losing weight. No need for the drastic reduction if not needed.


Where did you find that recommendation? When I am using your figures in the calculations in Berardis "Don't diet" recommendations, 1800 kcal is not even BMR. In other words - you need more than that at bed rest! Assuming a factor for activity of 1.6 and that you are eating a high protien diet and Berardis recommendation that you should use 85% of this the need, a more appropriate kcal need would be 3100 kcal. Or just go to http://www.johnberardi.com/updates/july262002/na_masscalculator.htm
and do some calculations yourself.


In addition to that being bugger all food, if you are not used to low carb dieting, the lack of carbs will make you extra hungry until your body gets used to it.

Basically you will eat a heap of food, but because there are no carbs in it, your body will be craving them, and will keep you hungry.


Are you eating enough fat? Are your macros well proportioned? Drinking all your water? Eating every 2-3 ours on the dot with proteins well distributed? You need those carbs after intense workouts too- especially lifting. Personally I fill up on the green veggies when that happens. My supper consists of atleast 4 cups of spinach, my lunch 2 cups of broccoli. Also I find fish oil capsules (when I take 3 at a time) keeps me bloated enough to keep from over eating...


"people's maintenance calorie intake (the intake at which you neither gain nor lose weight) can be calculated by multiplying their lean body mass (LBM; your lean body mass is your total weight minus your fat weight) by 15, a good place to start when dieting is 12 x LBM."


Thats what I figured. Also, I read somwhere on here (I think it was a post, not an article) so I wasnt sure about its validity. It said that when counting carbs, subtract fiber content from the overall carb content because your body cannot use fiber as energy. Is this true? I've been trying to eat carbs with as much fiber in it as possible, if thats the case, I've probably been undereating "carbs" since I've been trying to get most of them from fiberous foods.


Do not count the fiber as carbs.


Everyone above is right on. To summarize:
1. Add fiber pills before every meal - they will fill you up and you will feel less empty.
2. Add more calories!!! you are on a starvation diet the way you are going.
3. Eat more veggies and protein - your carbs should be from fruit (this one is debateable but works for me).

Forgive me if I have forgot any.......


Question: There's a part of that calculator that has you input exercise sessions, is that for a typical day?


It absolutely sounds like you're way low in the calorie dept. It doesn't sound like you're looking to loose alot of BF, and you want to try to take it slow anyways.

I did the T-Dawg 2, but took it fairly liberally, and still lost quite easily. I used the sugested foods as a guideline, but still had oatmeal with breakfast, and carbs pre and post workout. Just play around with it a bit, and if you can lose a LB per week, you're laughing.

They don't call it a 'low carb' diet, they refer to it as a 'reduced carb diet'.

You shouldn't be starving.

No one should be starving.

\|/ 3Toes


I think my main problem was counting fiber as carbs, so I was undereating carbs by about 30-50 grams a day.