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Low Carb Diet For Life?

Hello: I have read through all the articles here on diets (well the ones I could find) and was most impressed with the Metabolic/anabolic diet by Dr. DiPasquale (5days low carb 2 days eat whatever to an extent). Although I am planning on using this diet for fat loss, can it be used for muscle gain? Is it a life long diet? Does anyone know of any long term health effects (liver problems, blood pressure, cholesterol)? Are there supplements that need to be taken or that are recomended? Sorry there is so much here but I wanted to know what you guys think. Thanks

As far diets for fat loss and cutting up, there is nothing better than a low-carb diet. I haven’t tried the anabolic diet, but I did just recently finish the T-Dawg diet (low carb)and was very pleased with my results. I didn’t lose hardly any strength, and like the lean look it left me with. As far as for a life long diet, I guess you can do it, though it would be hard. Health wise, I think it is O.K. to use all the time. Flaxseed oil will take care of cholesterol problems and taking a good multivitamin and some folic acid also make it more healthy. For me, however, I think it is harder to gain mass of this type of diet.

I have been following this diet for nearly a year now and have had great success with strength and musce gains. I followed a stricter form for a year to lose about 75lbs. My actual FAT loss was about 80 to 85lbs so I was able to gain some lean mass even while on a strict ketogenic diet. I have found that alpha lipoic acid and vanadyl sulfate were helpful. AST has excelent products for both of these sups, quality is good and dose per serving is high enough to be effective and be economical. As always your mileage may vary.
As to the lifelong thing…for me it is and my doc heartily aproves as all my blood work has improved to the point that he no longer needs to lecture me at every visit. I have no probs with sticking to this long term because there is no real sacrifice here as whatever I am denying myself during the week is just a few days from being on my plate.