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Low Carb Diet Causing Diabetes?


I haven't been eating much if any carbs for a long time. When I do, I usually binge somewhat. I have had an onset of unquenchable thirst for the last week or so, and everyone is going on about how I could have early symptoms of diabetes.
Itchy tounge, blacking out when doing high intensity, and it seems I am eating properly? I have been drinking a liter and a half of water a day since the thirst, which is a liter and a half more than I normally have.

What other things could be causing the thirst?


I would say the high temperatures,but as you live in Australia then, NO.
Well as far as i know,low carb diets help with insulin sensitivity and HELP prevent diabetes.And most of the people i know that suffer from diabetes have eaten too many sugary and high carb things during their lifetime.




I have a strong family history or diabetes on both sides of my family. Im also a former fat boy so I keep a watch out for the early signs and check my blood sugar regularly....

You could be thirsty or dehydrated for a number of reasons: extra training, extra cardio, electrolyte imbalance ie too much/too little sodium or potassium, change in diet, taking supplements, change in climate, Itchy dry tongue and blackening out could be from dehydration, raise in body temperature, slight fever, or even a cold or flu. If the problem lasts longer than two weeks I would recommend you start checking your blood sugar regularly. The test kits are easy to use and come with guidelines telling you if you are high or low then see a doctor. If you test yourself a few times a day for several days and have consistently high or low blood sugar you should see a doctor. You should also look at any changes you have made in the past few weeks. Fit people generally don't get diabetes unless you are pre-disposed to it genetically. Causing huge insulin spikes through diet or by injecting insulin can be very hard on the pancreas and other organs. There are a few things you can look at chances are its nothing major ,but bottom line if you want to know for sure see a doctor.

I noticed you also said that you recently started drinking a lot more water than normal. This could cause you to flush out electrolytes and even dehydrate further, until your body gets used to it. I know when I started drinking 1.5 gallons a day it seemed like I was always thirsty and had a dry tongue , but my body adapted to it.


I started drinking more WHEN I got the itchy tongue and incredible thirst. I have been trying not to over do it. Also I noticed incredibly smelly pee.

I didn't realise that you could get self-tests from the chemist until you mentioned them. I will buy one tomorrow and test myself.



Yes, it is quite cold over here at the moment. Rained today.


Its difficult to obtain enough potassium on a low carb diet (I'm currently in week 5 of low to no carbs).
My initial reaction to low carbs was dehydration and I had leg cramping even tho I was drinking ridiculous amounts of water! Potassium is a huge factor in regulating the body's hydration. I have been supplementing potassium while on this diet and it has helped.


Yea sorry didn't bother to notice you were talking about liters not gallons... After doing the conversion I noticed 1.5L is really low you should be consuming at least 3 times that especially on a high protein/low carb diet and with training hard and taking supps. If your urine is consistently (several days) discolored and smells funny it could be and indicator of diabetes or dehydration.

Both can cause a lot of damage to the kidneys therefore effecting your urine or just cause really concentrated urine. However, since your water intake is really low I would bet its dehydration. MODOK was right 5L or so should be your goal not 1.5L.


Well I was training and i was thinking about this,Maybe its all because the low-carb diet makes you flush a lot of water.I was on keto for a couple of days and dude if i was drinking 3-4 litres of water a day and having Double my normal vitamin,magnesium and calcium intake(2 pills ,which include 100% of the normal needs per day ,of each).And still I was very thirsty,One night i couldnt even sleep because of the thirst.Then I started to drink up to 5-6 litres of water and things started to normalize. Remember for every gram of carbs ,the body stores 5gr of water i think.
Hope that helps buddy.When my dad comes home I'll ask him a few questions and see if i can give you more info.(my dad is a doctor and his dad has diabetes,so we're kinda careful with carbs :D)


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Don't the Ketones produced by the metabolism of fats on a low carb diet also act as a diuretic?


If you suspect you have diabetes, you need to get the fuck off the computer and see a doctor immediately.


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Also have you thought it could be hypoglycemia.Hypoglycemia is the state produced by a lower than normal level of blood glucose.The symptoms usually are sweating, nervousness and tachycardia.I think that I may have gone to hypoglycemia once when I was using a keto diet,but who knows.Go check your blood sugar if it continues.


Come on now, no you are not getting onset of diabetes from Low Carb diet WTF

Low Carb is about as much the Polar opposite nutrition needed to bring about the onset of Metabolic Syndrome/ Type 2 Diabetes as can be possible.

You need a Carb meal every week at least to give your body some carbs that is needed for normal function for those organs than cannot use ketones.

If your thirsty DRINK MORE WATER, until you find your not thirsty !


How many grams of carbs per day is considered a low carb diet?...




I'm no doctor and have barely basic knowledge about hormones, but- don't low carb diets help with insulin sensitivity and help prevent diabetes?
Are you watching your sodium/potassium intake? Are you getting cramps more frequently (if any) now?
I'm kind of confused about your fluid intake. Please clarify how much you drink per day, cuz it seems incredibly low


As others have said...NO. The diet you describe is the opposite of what would bring about diabetes/metabolic syndrome. Your diet would be prescribed to someone who has been diagnosed if the nutritonist/doctor/etc. knows anything past what they didn't learn or what they did learn that is now horribly outdated and in many cases flat out wrong.

Now. Generally low carb diets; when not yet acclimated to them; can cause large amounts fo water lost and thereofre possibly dehydration. eletrolytes could then also been off. if you are going so low you are not even eating fruits and vegtables that could bring on a whole other host of issues. And yes; not really that much water; especially adding in high intensity work.

drink more; and you should be getting a physical every year anyway which would usually include a fasting glucose if you are that worried about it.