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Low Carb Diet and Surge Recovery

I’m currently on a low carb diet doing the targeted carbs approach. I’m also trying to bulk - today I ate 3800 cals and I’m doing CT Beast Building Program.

Typically I consume less than 50 g of carbs each day, but on workout days when I take the Surge Recovery, my carbs get bumped up to almost 100 - there are 50g of carbs in Surge Recovery.
Any suggestions? Should I lose the Surge Recovery, is it okay? What’s up? thanks a lot.

I’m not a nutritionist, but I do believe that since your goal is bulking, then don’t be afraid of the carbs. The carbs is what you are going to use for energy when putting up the heavy weight.

The reason I say this based on my own experience and also talking to a bodybuilder who actually competes and dominates. He tells me that his carb intake increases in his off-season to about 3 to 4 grams per Lb and cycles his carbs when it it time for a show to make his muscles look more full after depleting his body of salt.

As far as how much, I believe it depends on how your body reacts. What may work for one person at 3 to 4 may not work for you. Start low and see how your body reacts during the workouts and monitor your girth or area that you store the most fat. For me, it’s the almighty love handles.

I mean, you’re going to gain weight and some fat, but the key is to control it and be able to diet down when you are ready to do a contest or you feel that you have bulked enough.

I’m trying to diet down, because I bulked the wrong way, but I also need my carbs for energy cuz I do intense powerlifting. So far, everything is working and my body is responding at 300 grams per day; Mostly before workouts and the rest right after.

Hopes this helps! Good luck on your goals.