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Low Carb Days on Cheat to Lose


I'm going to be starting the Cheat to lose diet. I couldn't find a guideline in the book on how many carbs to consume on the different days.

The three types of days are:
Low Carb
Higher GI/GL

For those who have done the diet, what were your carb intakes for those days?


If I remember correctly, there’s a list of approved veggies. I assume you can eat as much as you want of them; it’s just fibrous veggies.


There is a whole thread of discussion here

You might find your answer there.

I was on it for a while, as far as I remember there were no macro recommendations for the diet simply because it was designed for the general public and they, for the most part, arent interested in tracking macros or calories.I personally just followed the portion guide lines, but after a couple of months I dropped the high GI days down to just the cheat day because I dont really get on with carbs too well. Watch out for the third week of the intro phase with very little fat, that week was an absolute killer.