Low Carb Day Meals

I am trying to carb cycle for the first time and today is my low carb day. Here’s is what I have eaten so far. Tell me what you think about this.

Early morning - 2 whole eggs fried in olive oil
mid morning - 3 egg omelette with spinach, mushrooms, and about a half cup or swiss cheese
lunch - shaved turkey breast, dill pickle, almonds

Is this alright so far for low carb day?

Sure, but remember, ‘low carb’ is usually anything <50g. I will still grab some cashews, or maybe a spoonful of PB on my really low days and still come in under my limit. Sometimes I’ll even keep my morning oatmeal (~27g carbs) and then have nothing but meat, eggs, cheese and green veggies (and the occassional can of sardines) for the rest of the day.


I usually try to get a large plate of lettuce( along with some chicken breast or tuna) in with lunch and dinner on low carb days. Vegetables are your friend!

Your calories seem abysmal with those meals you set out, unless you’re using 5tbsp of EVOO and a Lb of turkey.

But yeah, that seems fine macronutrient-wise, I personally eat as many veggies as possible, but avoid every other source of carbohydrates (My days consist of protein powders, eggs, meats, oils, fish, a few nuts, and a hell of a lot of veggies)

No steak or chicken or steak?