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Low Carb Cookbooks


Just wondering if anyone out there can recommend a good low carb cookbook, particularly if it has the nutritional content breakdown for each recipe.



precision nutrition


Chef Lisa Marie posted about 300 awesome low carb recipes with all the macro breakdowns and everything else.

It was on the muscle with attitude forums but I cant seem to find it now.


that's an entire system, if you just want a cookbook, then get Gourmet Nutrition by Berardi (it's contained withint PN, but much cheaper).

you won't be disappointed



I think thats the thread you mean.

That thread is heavenly.


Is it low carb??

I'm interested....


Brilliant. Thanks for that. Looking forward to having a good look through, looks great at first glance.


Thanks for the responses everyone.

GN looks great and I would love to have it but as an international I can't really justify the expense.

I can pretty much subsist on boring chicken breasts, tuna and brocolli, but my family (understandably) can't.

I miss eating the same foods as them and cooking for them, so I was just after a cookbook that could help me get my staples into some good meals, with flavour and variety we could all enjoy.

Thanks again.


Dude, plenty of good recipe's have been made just by experimenting. One time, I made a burger, and took every spice (ranging from lowcal maple syrup to wasabi) and condiment in my pantry/fridge, threw it in a bowl, tossed in some ground beef, mixed it all together, and threw it on the grill.

Surely not the healthiest way to go about things, but it was fucking tasty. Since then, I've learned to try different healthy things to try different stuff. You'll be surprised.

Shugart's has great suggestions when it comes to cooking.


Also there are tons of websites that have low carb recipes, even foodtv.com.


Well... FORK OVER THE OTHERS! Ha, sorry... I'm a little excited.


I need to ask LowFatMatt if they have thought about making one recipe thread a sticky.

I have a request for that in the Tech forum.

I think it would be great if we had one thread or even better, an itty bitty recipe forum so we could have SuperFood redipes, Grow! recipes, Metabolic Drive recipes, AD recipes, Mass recipes, diabetic recipes, metabolic typing recipes.. . etc.

Let me go bump that thread again... see if LowFatMatt can give us a go on that


I thought Dana Carpenter's 15-Minute low carb recipes was very good. Truly a way to get great low carb meals quickly without spending your life in the kitchen.


dig around on the animalpak forvm for good recipes u will find enough variety there to keep u busy in the kitchen for a few months


Muscle Chow by Gregg Avedon (Men's health cover model)