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hey you guys are behind on the times. “in and out” burger has been selling low carb burgers for the longest time.

it is called the “protein style” burger.

simply a burger wrapped in lettuce. tastes great just a freaken mess!

hmm… maybe ill try one sometime… most stuff at this place is good.

subway is trying some atkins sandwich… i havent tried it yet, but i might as well give it a shot.

Try inserting a warm precooked patty into a pouch of aburage (deep fried tofu) with a slice of cheese. Reheat on a griddle with the cheese side down to melt. You can then insert a tomato, lettuce pickles and condiments on the cooler uncheesy side.

Mad Cow Disease. Eat Poultry.

Wendy’s Classic Double w/everything -ketchup.

Remove bun + eat burger + lick fingers = low-carb burger.

I live in WA state and since we have the first mad cow in USA I feel that I should tell a joke ahem ahem:

Why do they call it PMS?


Oh, I love that joke. Sorry ladies, but it always makes me laugh :slight_smile:

tme, u r my hero, man i love wendy’s too!!

yeah tme…that wendy’s thing you mentioned ROCKS! I had 2 triples without the cheese and bun on my trip here to Georgia…I was full about all day!

who the hell wants to eat a square hamburger patty?

Ohter fast food places will be carrying the low carb burger soon.

I don’t think it will last, though. Why? Because they don’t taste as good!

P-Dog, square burgers rock!. Wendy’s has the best tasting meat of all the major fast food places.