Low Carb Bulk, Which Diet?

I plan to keep bulk/adding mass but my bf is kinda high since I ate crap in the past, I think I’m like 25-30%. I dont care since my main goals are strength but I was kinda hoping if I clean up my diet I can drop down a few %'s, hopefully one day hitting 15%. I read that a gluten (dont know if its the right word) diet is a good way to do this since a lot of ppl are carb-intolerant. I know Poliquin uses this method.

So basically I’m cutting out all bread like carbs and stuff and eating more fruit and veggies. So here’s what I got. Can you see where you could make any improvements?

Meal 1- Breakfast
2 whole Omega 3 eggs with 1 egg white

1/4 cup Almonds
Whey with water

Snack- Sandwich
Lettuce wrap
1 scoop whey with water

Meal 2- Lunch
School lunch or
lightly seasoned chicken
sweet potato or veggies

Meal 3- PWO
1 cup milk
1 bananna
2 scoops whey

Meal 4-
1 can tuna
1 Tbls extra virgin olive oil

Protein shake
with water

Meal 5- Dinner
2 pieces of seasoned chicken breast

1 scoop Whey
1 cup milk
2 tbls peanut butter

Meal 6-
Cottage cheese
Or a protein shake with milk

What exactly is your main goal? I can see that you want to lose fat, but you are also calling this diet a bulk…?


[quote]Gymjunkie wrote:
What exactly is your main goal? I can see that you want to lose fat, but you are also calling this diet a bulk…?


my goals to gain strength. My goal, if possible, is to lose some bf after cleaning this diet up.
but, all in all, my main focus is to get my lifts up.

I would have to say that you will drop SOME fat, but not 10-15% if you say your at 25-30% now…that would simply require cutting/dieting, with if you like, a low carb diet, which I highly recommend is the BEST type of diet to use to keep muscle on, while dropping fat.

While you can gain strength during a cutting phase, they will level out…If your MAIN goal is strength gain, i would imagine you ideally needing a surplus of calories to make BIG gains in strength. You need to pick main goal and stick to that either way. As I said, you need a surplus of calories for big strength gains…the cals can mainly come from fats and protein, keeping the carbs low if you want, which will help you drop a bit of fat, but there will certainly not be a massive drop in fat from simply following a low carb diet. I gained a shtload of fat and muscle whilst on a low carb diet(AD)…the big carb ups did it.

Actually, using the AD may work well for you in terms of body comp…losing fat and gaining size, SLOWLY. Up to you bro.