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Low Carb Breakfast


Anyone know of any good low carb breakfast foods that I can prepare quickly (or ideally the night before, or many nights before) grab and eat in the car or in a very short amount of time. Starting tommorrow I am looking at 45 Minutes FS cardio first thing in the morning, 1.5 servings of Low Carb grow, shower, dress and a nice hour plus commute. I want something that I can eat in the car ideally, but not necessarily too much fat since I will want to get the full effect of the cardio. Anyone got any ideas. The only thing I can think of is hard boiled eggs, which I am not such a big fan of. Thanks


Almond butter and low carb toast, protein shake,


LC Grow and hardboiled eggs are great, of course. Jerky and walnuts or almonds are car staples, too. Or you could try boneless chicken breast or fish tightly wrapped in a chard leaf or big lettuce leaf, in a snug tupperware container. No messy hands, no unwrapping, and you get your veggies, too. :wink:


i eat chicken breasts (cooked then refrigerated) like candy bars on the way from job 1 to job 2. you look a bit like a cave man and get some odd looks, not as bad as eating whole heads of broccoli. hahahaha
(and sure as hell better than eating most of those ass protein bars on the market)


While not typical breakfast fare, and a little expensive, beef jerky fits all your other requirements - lowcarb, lowfat, high in protein, and easily transportable. Smoked salmon also fits the bill. I'd recommend washing your hands and brushing your teeth before stepping into the staff meeting though. Trust me on this one.


cottage cheese with pineapple. How about just whipping up some good old fashion egg whites in a omlette form...


Adkins pancakes. You can make them ahead. It makes about 4 average sized pancakes so you can eat two and have a protein shake.

scrambled eggs in a low carb tortilla.

chunks of lean ham.


Where do you guys get low carb toast and tortillas...and are they actually low carb or is it the same scam as with protein bars?



Low carb toast?



so I apparently I am not the only one that hasnt heard of low carb bread either. Can someone fill me in, cause anything to make low carbing a little more easy and the diet selection a little more diverse would be hyoooge


Low carb tortilla's are out there for sure. I can't remember the brand. They are easier to find in the taco size for some reason. They aren't bad, just don't expect them to be floury. Can't remember seeing low carb toast.


Zulu and Biltritwave: I picked up some sugar free bread for my daughter the other day. 9g of carbs per slice, plus some extra fiber. Made by Mrs. Bairds. The taste is okay; you can tell you're eating "diet" bread, but it's fine.

Tried some Dr. Atkins bread machine stuff a couple of years ago and it was nasty. Has a lot of soy in it too as I recall.


I don't know if they still have them, but Netrition used to carry low-carb tortillas. I used to make chicken burritos with them and they were quite good.


I make breakfast burritos. Get the big 12 inch tortillas and make egg and 'whatever' burritos and freeze them. I made about 20 last time I did it. Nuke them for two minutes and you're good to go. You can put plenty of veggies in them, and the only 'bad' carbs are in the tortilla, which isn't a whole lot anyway.


You can do a web search on low carb bread and find mixes. I don't know how they taste. Low carb tortillas are probably easier to find in stores. I know there is a flax bread too but I haven't tried any.


check your local health food store for the low carb bread, they have some that are high in protein, and usually only 6g carbs per slice


Yes the low carb breads and tortillas vary a bit depending on ingrediants used.

I have some tortillas made with some wheat germ parts that end up being only 6 carbs each and they taste just like any other tortilla.
And then you can find some breads sorta like that but it's much harder.

Atkins and others initially went the route of soy for a while to make low carb breads and it was nasty. Now they have some mixes without soy that work out rather well, actually they taste just like normal stuff. They use wheat gluten and some low carb corn starch, and they are about 3 carbs per smaller slice (6 -3 fiber) and even more protein than that. Only drawback is they have less ability to form right in thinner slices. The bread doesnt "stick" together as well as the real stuff, so it tends to fall apart if cut too thin. Serving sizes are small also, so in reality you are eating 2 servings with a big slice.


I found it at...its pretty good... a little chewy but it was nice toasted... and expensive as hell at nearly 5 bucks a loaf...but I guess I am not planning on having alot of it, just a nice change of pace.

BTW I found some money P+F recipes on JB's website, cant wait to try these ....



low carb oatmeal and keto crap is soooooo expensive, why bother unless you're loaded?