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Low Carb Bread Too Good to Be True?


Sup everybody?
I'm mostly a lurker around here trying to glean as much good info as possible. I'm an fFFB (that's future Former Fat Boy--hey, positive thinking) and it was Shugart's FFB article that helped me finally understand that 85% of the info out there is for hard gainers. I'm finally sorting through everything and getting on the right path, but it's time for some nutritional help.

As an fFFB, I'm staying relatively low on carbs. Sure, I get some before noon, but afterwards the only carbs I get are from a few vegetables or maybe a Grow! Bar. But every once in a while a man just wants a hamburger. (Cow. It's what's for dinner.) The problem is the bun--too many carbs. On the bright side, my wife has found some low-carb bread at our local "natural foods" grocery. Apparently it's made from Wheat Protein Isolate and cuts out almost all of the carbs. I think many of the Atkins people use the stuff.

My question is: Is this too good to be true? Is there really a low-carb bread that's ok to eat? I don't like to subscribe to Murphy's Law, but I'm learning in the T-Nation world to take nothing for granted! So what's the consensus, if any? Any FFB's with feedback?


A lot of the low carb breads here have added HFCS and trans fat.It's crazy that they're adding the crap to bread now days. Maybe you can find a company that makes low carb bread and doesn't have all that crap put into it. If you do buy bread and it says it has carbs,make sure to subtract the fiber carbs in there.Fiber cannot be used by your body for energy.


I say if it is used correctly it can be a good tool. I don't personally eat the stuff but if it will keep your carb cravings at bay it serves its purpose.

I have low-carb tortilla's every once in a while and don't feel the least bit guilty (I would if they contained 40g of white flour carbs though).

Since you're a fFFB, it goes without saying to keep your carbs low... if two pieces of low-carb bread or two low-carb tortillas with breakfast curb your daily bread craving go for it.

Everything in moderation...

To help others provide feedback:

What is the macronutrient breakdown (F,C,P) of each slice? How many of the carbs are fiber? What are the first three ingredients? There is a BIG difference among brands - and some barely qualify as low carb.


Since he found it at Whole Foods he should be alright...but I'd still check the ingredients to be sure.


Thanks for the feedback!
My wife has strict orders about HFCS, so I'm sure I'm good there. I will, however, scrutinize the label to make sure there aren't too many "hard words" on it! My main concern was that Wheat Protein Isolate would turn out to be evil like Soy Protein Isolate.
Thanks again!


Yeah,good idea.


Coming off a low carb diet of almost a year, I started buying some of the LC breads out there. I hated them, plus most had more crap in them then I care to eat. I found that the best thing, for me at least, was to begin searching for "quality" breads to eat, rather than "low carb".

I basically found, and it's the only bread I eat, Ezekiel sprouted grain breads. I buy the ones made by Food for Life. Most variations are certified low GI, and have never given me an issue with weight gain. I generallyl buy\eat the cinnamon rasin one and the low sodium version. It's not low carb, I believe around 16 carbs per slice, but a much better option if you ask me.


I agree with the post about Ezekial bread. I love the taste and have not noticed any negative changes in body composition since eating it.



I eat Ezekiel sprouted grains too.In my opinion,it's the best bread out there.The low sodium brand has 14 carbs,but thats really 10 carbs because it has four grams of fiber.The carbs in this bread aren't sugar carbs,this bread has no sugar and is made with no flour.It's very low on the GI index.It's the healthiest bread around.This is how real bread should be made.


Absolutely could not have said it better myself. The stuff is basically as close to perfection for bread as you can get, hehe. :slight_smile:


It appears we have a concensus! Thanks everybody!