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Low Carb Bread, Soy Flour

I am looking for a recipe to make low carb bread at home, and all the recipes have soy flour in them. Is there anything I can replace this with and still keep it low carb, or does anyone have a good recipe for some low carb bread. Thanks

I believe there was an article about four made from hemp that was extremely high protein. It’s not as low carb as soy flour but it should do the trick.
Do a search for it and you should get a thread which includes a url for where to buy it along with its nutrition facts.
*=I can’t remember if it was hemp, although I’m pretty sure.

You gotta find some of the wheat germ flour, or the other low carb & non soy varieties.

The soy stuff is truly nasty.

Only thing you have to realize is all low carb flours (AFAIK) tend to not stick together quite as well as the real stuff. So your pastries/breads need to be cut thicker than normal. Tend to dry out easily also, so dont overcook.

Muffins though work out really well.

Is hemp flour found in stores?


“Now” has a wheat gluten flour out that works great I just got it a week ago and have been using it for bread. It has 25 grams of protein and five grams carbs. I also use wheat germ and oat bran.

Please don’t take this as an insult, but why not just take bread out of your diet? Is there a particular reason that you wish to keep it in your diet?

Not trying to be a jerk…just trying to help.

id have to agree with you on that one, just drop the bread.
anyway, can you cooked with whey protein instead of soy?