Low Carb Beer?

I was driving today and I heard a commercial for some kind of carb blocker pill. Nothing wrong with that, but the girl on the commercial was spouting some nonsense about how, with this pill, you can still eat all the foods you love such as pizza, pasta, sugars, and lose weight. Then, at the end of this list she said, “including everyone’s favorite carb…beer!” After I almost wrecked my car, I called the 800 number to inform them that beer is not high in carbs, but that alcohol has over 7 calories per gram and that’s where the majority of the calories come from. A freaking Miller Lite has around 3.3 g carbs per can. Sounds low carb to me. Michelob Ultra is selling like hotcakes because it’s “low carb.” Whatever.

Anyway, the guy asked me how much weight I wanted to lose today, and when I told him I just wanted to make a comment, he hung up on me. Maybe I’m overreacting because of final exam sleep deprivation, but the ad was misleading. If you want to drink like Barney from the Simpsons without getting fat, get yourself some NA beer. If you want to harrass these people for propagating nutritional lies and trying to turn a profit by deceiving people, give em a call:


I’ve seen billboards with a chick in spandex doing 1 arm db rows and it’s a damn beer ad. It’s sad that people will fall for it.

I know the commercial. Does the MD in your name stand for Maryland? I hear that damn commercial everyday on WBAL.

The only thing sadder than the commercial itself, is that people are are probally believing it, and buying what is probally a worthless supplement.

Maybe I should complain to WBAL?

sides, the “low carb” beer just replaces the “carbs” with sugar alcohol…which acts like a carb anyways. Just like the low carb protein bar crap.

I like your attitude, Scrub! Give 'em hell!

“…no, but I’d like to make a comment.”



And Jeff, I think he’s working on his residency (doctor-to-be).

People would believe anything if they think it’ll help them get what they want without having to work for it.

Nah I’m from the home of the Buckeyes, Columbus, OH.

I’m about to go drink some of “everyone’s favorite carb…beer!” Ahhhh, 12 oz db rows on the golf course.

Buckeyes suck, haha. I go to Miami of Ohio, no, wait. I don’t go there anymore. GRADUATION IS TODAY!! Anyways, I got 2nd place in a full-ride + stipend scholarship up at OSU, so I didn’t get it. Bastards!! GO BLUE!!