Low Carb Beer

Michelob recently put out a low carb (2 gr.)/ low calorie (95cal) beer called Ultra. I’m not gonna start mixing it with Grow but I do enjoy a cold one when I’m sticking dollar bills in g-strings. Can this be for real?

Yeah, it’s for real.

But it’s another example of american Schei?bier, too. :slight_smile:

Damnit, I see the forum doesn’t support the extended character set, at least in italics. Make that: Scheissbier!

This has been discussed many times here already. The general answer is that this is a rip off since all light beer is low carb anyway. This is just a marketing ploy.

If your wanting low carbs stick with your typical light beers, they have more flavor and only like 1-3 more grams of carbs. Michelob Ultra tastes like watered down Michelob light.

I know this sounds really odd, but I get huge pumps the day after a few beers. Do you think that there is anything in beer that may allow for excess glycogen in the muscle cells?


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