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hey guys, i am looking for a low carb bar that is really low carb, none of the marketing shit. I wish biotest made one, but since they don’t can anyone make a suggestion! Is LeanBody a good choice, it is readly aviable here!

A low carb bar doens’t exist. Read “The Protien Insider” and/or read the labels. I’ve always been curious about making my own however, a P+F thing, but i’ve never gotten around to it…you could give that a go with some low carb Grow, peanut butter or something…

That’s the catch. You can’t really have a true low carb bar, hence Biotest doesn’t make one. Their Grow bar probably has less carbs than many so-called low carb bars do. Plus “low carb” bars are usually full of soy.

Check out the protein insider article in the current magazine issue. They would like you to believe that there was one. Actually, ever since that article first appeared months ago (on-line issue) companies have been listing the carb count now. Even EAS!!! EVERY bar contains carbohydates. So you’ll have to settle for something that has like say 15-30 (glycerine loaded) grams of carbs if you’re looking for a bar. At least Biotest lets you know the “real deal” with the carb count. Others…I’m not so sure.

Just curious: aside from tasting like s*&t, are there any negatives to eating a “glycerol” bar?

Yes, ignorance really is bliss, considering I’ve been munching on my favorite protein bars (Met-RX protein plus!) whenever I can get my hands on them. What information about their carb content did I miss, and where did you guys find this?

Here’s the link to the “Protein Insider” article some have referred to: www.testosterone.net/articles/207prot.html

Met-Rx puts out a pretty good bar (protein plus) that I eat too. The actual total carb count on that bar is 32 gr. Total “Net impact carbs” are 3 gr… Glycerin and fiber have a negative impact on blood sugar levels. That’s why they created this whole “net impact carbs” deal. Still not a bad bar overall though.

The only low-carb protein bar I’ve found is beef jerkey.