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Low Carb and Powerlifting

Id like to lose some weight probably 10kg.
I train 3 times a week for strength, i dont really do hypertrophy just focused on squat bench and Deadlift. I thought about eating low carb 6days a week and 1 day where i would eat high carb.
Tell me what you think about this:
100g bacon
100g cheese
200ml lactose free milk
300g chicken
10 almonds or hazelnuts
4 tbsp olive oil
400g broccoli or spinach
1 serving dark chocolate
That is high protein, high fat low carb probably around 2000kcal or more
I would add peanut butter but here you dont find it without sugar

I checked with myfitnesspal is 2500kcal
66% fat 28% protein 6% carbs

Brook Kubik, lifts heavy 3x and he eats paleo. He still makes gains. Give it a shot and see what happens.