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Low Calorie Diets Not a Bad Idea


Just thought some people might find this information interesting:



Calorie restriction for added longevity would make it very difficult to gain or retain muscle mass...

Hopefully researchers will find out the changes elicited due to calorie restriction and eventually how to mimic them without requiring calorie restriction.


Quote from that article...

"According to Fontana, "people who followed a severe calorie-restricted diet but with optimal nutrition had a younger heart in terms of diastolic function, which is a well-accepted marker of primary aging because, independently of disease, as you get older your diastolic function gets worse and worse."

So heart function was great, what about bone density, immune system, hepatic function, intelligence, reaction time, strength did they measure all these after calorie restriction ?


Apparently, it is not important that you actually LIVE your life, just that you stayed alive longer and kept breathing.

I would rather live a full life filled with experiences and have it end at 80 instead of live in a bubble just to make it to 150.


Fuckin right, you devise some scheme to make you live to be 200 and you are too fuckin weak to do anything. All you can do is sit in a chair and watch tv.

Seeing as all aging is, is an accumulation of damage to macromolecules, cells, tissues and organs you could probably avoid the restricted calories and simple try and prevent these stages happening as soon. More or less the stuff talked about on here anyway.

Not smoking, not boozing, eating right,not getting stressed out,avoiding polluted areas, not drinking tap water, taking antioxidants, getting enough sleep etc etc.


I agree with the living the life, but furthermore, I would like to know how these people ate the calories they did, such as nutrient timing, which can promote fat storage of course. Additionally, they changed the macronutrient percentages around a little, still they don't match what many guys that are in training I know eat.