Low calorie diet

I’ve been doing a really low caloire diet for a couple weeks now. I was 5’5", 10% BF, and 19. I just wanted to lose that excess fat. I am currently eating 1000 calories a day, and 1200 on workout days. Comsuming around 100-150 g protein a day, which is pretty amazing if you ask me because I’m using no portein powders. I’m also still using creatine and ECA. Anyway, my question is: Is there a way I can get off this diet without seriously gaining fat back due to slowed metabolism? I have did low cal diets, even lower than this, for years due to wrestling in high school, and every time I gain fat back for maybe a week off the diet at normal maintenance levels. Would tapering off the diet doing anything? Like eating 1000 one day then, 1100, 1200, 1500, and so on, back to maintenance? Are there any supplements that would considerabley help?

you’re eating far too few calories. That’s the reason you always gain the weight back quickly when you start eating normally again. Too look at this as a long term solution, you need to teach your body how to be normal again. It won’t be easy and will take a while but can be done. To do this you’ll have to gain muscular bodyweight while slowly increasing your calories each week until you’re up around 2500 calories per day and your weight is rather constant. This will give you your metabolism back and then if you ever feel the need to diet again you can do so sensibly and without starving yourself by reading through the articles on t-mag.

1000 is not ehough, I’ve heard that before. I do it because its the only fast way to do it, and I like the challenge, sort of. Is it possible that my metabolsim could be permanently screwed up? Because I have did several extreme diets in the last few years, sometimes for 2 monthes at a time during wrestling; but I did lose 25 pounds, whish is a rarity among 16 year olds.
I didn’t think this would be so bad, I estimated that my maintence level was 2400 cal/day, if I eat 1000 a day, I’m burning 1400 or more daily. Thus losing around 3 pounds a week, and hopefully two of fat.
Anyway, I’ll try to get back on track. Can I wait til I finish my diet (I planned on 4 weeks), or should I go ahead and start working back up now to avoid further damage?
Another question, although I think it a real longshot, could doing all of this dieting thru my younger years (I started on and off when I was 13) somehow hurt my growth? I’ve been 5’5" since I was 12, and at that time I weighed 165, I’ve been as low as 125 in the last year. I think it has really affected my muscle growth, at least as far as size goes. My strength has always been phenomenly high for my size (at least better than average, I weigh 150ish and can bench a little over 300), but mass is hard to come by.
Oh and the reason I am dieting, is because I still have childish looking baby fat, no matter how muc I diet my arms will not become ‘tight’ per se. That has really affected the way I feel about my body, maybe I am just not fully matured yet. I hope so, all the other guys were growing and growing in high school, slowly passing me up in height and size, it sucked. Thanks for the advice.

Josh, I agree with Kelly here. Stop the diet now and work your way up to 2500 calories/day. Eat good, wholesome food and you won’t gain fat with that amount of calories. At the moment you are burning up too much muscle. This primes you to gain a lot of fat when you finally bring the calories back up (which you will have to do eventually). Also, make sure you read all the previous articles on T-Mag regarding diets.

Yeah I was kind’ve assuming that you’d been dieting off and on like that for a very long time. You can screw up your metabolism doing that, but you have an advantage in that you’re looking to put on some mass through strength training. In my opinion, bodybuilding is one of the best mental and physiological cures for dieting disorders there is as it adds so much muscle and that in itself is a tremendous metabolic boost. Not to mention the more muscle you add, you have to eat a heck of a lot more calories just to maintain that. As tim patterson has said…any 150 or 160 lb guy trying to burn fat will usually just stay skinny and set themselves up for storing fat. You’ll end up bigger and leaner if you build yourself up first. I believe I may have messed up my growth when i was younger from just doing too much exercise all together…too much cardio, probably not enough eating etc. I know when I started following a more sensible training regimen around the age of 23 I suddenly sprang up another 1.5 inches. I’ve known other high school wrestlers who really grow both in inches and lbs. of muscle when they adopt more sensible training and eating methods.