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Low Cal. Alcoholic Drinks


It's tailgaiting time again.

What are the best tasting low calorie(except for alcohol) alcoholic drink combos out there?



Jack and Diet Coke is my favorite.


It's not tailgating if you're worried about this dammit. I wish I could be more helpful, but I don't know.


The gay ones. Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Hard liquor, straight up. Avoid anything sweet.

Good choices:

Vodka (Grey Goose), Bourbon (Makers Mark), Tequila (Tres Generaciones).

Then again, why drink alcohol? Bring Pina Colada or Margarita flavored protein shakes instead. Yes, I have done this, and it works surprisingly well


Enjoy life, it's ok to cheat here and there.

Get drunk, meet some hot coeds and fornicate.


A. I don't see how this keeps coming up. I counted 894874874 threads about the same topic.

B. You are probably gay if you do not enjoy beer. Sipping a nice grey goose and cranberry before the game just isn't going to fly. Same with the margarita flavored protein shakes.


If you must go with a womanly mixed drink, I would go with Captain and diet coke.


Vodka, plus diet whatever.....

Weed? No calories!


Yeah I'll second the Captain & diet coke. Good combo.


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I like Vodka and diet orange flavored soda (or anything citrusy).

Bacardi Limon or Orange are good too.


As said before; hard liquor straight up. If I remember correctly wine is low in cals...champagne is not.
Bacardi also makes one of my favories: Low-carb green apple.

It's the alcohol itself that has the majority of kcals (over 7/gram)

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  1. diet sprite with vodka
  2. I made white russians with carb countdown fat free milk. very tasty.



What do you mean by "worked"?
I drink a lot, a lot of vodka and club (not tonic, crucial difference in sugar), jack and diet, or light or low carb beer.


Dammit, low-carb green apple? That absolutely begs for an asswhopping. You don't have to drink[alcohol] at the tailgating event, in fact I would much prefer it rather than see some fairy running around with this crap.

A "Mike's hard lemonade" almost has a better ring to it than "Bicardi's low carb Green Apple," complete with moisturizers and nail file kit. It's football season! Stand around the firepit grilling some frickin meat, and if you're so inclined for alcoholic merriment, drink some fucking beer!


Three words:

Tequila. Lemon. Salt.



Mr. SlimJim

I agree. It's bud-light or bud select for me usually (or whatever is cheap).
I came across the Bacardi b/c some girls left it over at my house (let the bashing begin) and it tasts pretty damn good! So I shall defend my Bacardi with my honor!
But I can't drink for another few weeks so lets stop discussing alcohol PLEASSSSSSE.


Sub-lingual injections of phentanyl- Tastes Graet, and less filling!(just don't fall into the grill. It won't hurt, but it makes a mess.)


Dude, I've seen the pictures from your house, how long did it take you to find that bicardi under all that stuff you've got laying around?