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Low Body Temps and Fybromialga?

A lot of focus on body temps and fatigue here. I’m wondering why no one ever has anything to say about this???

It appears to me that Wilson’s temperature syndrome. Or adrenal fatigue carry all the same symptoms as fibromyalgia, the only difference is adrenal fatigue or Wilson’s temperature don’t seem to be recognized as an actual diagnosis. Doctors think you are crazy and tell you that you spend to much time on the Internet listening to people’s opinions and not listening to your doctor.

I am not saying I believe one way or the other I just don’t know what to believe anymore. I have alot of symptoms and don’t know what to think as a matter of fact I think all the unknowns in dealing with things seem to be more stressful then the actual problems. Any thoughts are welcome here.

if u have fibro or cfs etc i think alot of the hormone issues are secondary to the chronic stress of immune dysfunction and chronic infections. To get an accurate diagnosis of cfs/me i would get tested for all the herpes viruses like ebv/cmv/hhv6 which are known to reactivate in these conditions due to crappy immune system. A good biomarker of cfs/me is natural killer cell dysfunction but its a hard test to get as it normally only done in research studies or guru cfs docs in the know. poor nk function leaves us open to many of these chronic infections. Most people have these infections but have a normal functioning immune system to keep then supressed. cfs/me people dont unfortunately. As far as symptoms go, there are many strange symptoms that are hard to make a definate diagnosis from and its true that many docs just reguard it as a form of depression so wont persue testing any further, basically they dont have a clue. It can be hard to find a knowledgable doc on this but many intergrative docs are reasonably switched on to this condition.

Heres a link i think u will find helpful https://sites.google.com/site/cfstestingandtreatmentroadmap/



This is an interesting link also. I don’t know if I have either of the syndromes. My curiosity is with how closely the symptoms resemble other things. adrenal fatigue or Wilson’s temperature syndrome seem to be the same problems with different names .

What is natural killer cells disfunction? Could you elaborate on the please? Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: