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Low Body Temperature

My body temp right now is sitting at about 96.6 degrees. I came home a little early from work yesterday because I wasn’t feeling good… this was after taking a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed oil that did not sit well with me.

Out of curiousity, I checked my temp and it came in at 95.5 degrees. It ranged up to 97.5 degrees over the next few hours, but averaged somewhere in the 96 degree range.

Does anyone know what this could indicate? I’m making a doctor’s appoinment today, but I’d like to see if any of you know anything about this. It looks like it’s usually an indication of hypothyroidism, but I checked my TSH score from the blood work I had done about a year ago, and it was in the normal range at 1.65 mIU/L (normal is 0.47 to 5.01).

Any thoughts on this? It’s got me kind of worried, especially since I feel so sluggish right now.

The “Traithletes Training Bible” says to take you body temperature every morning when you wake up. Lower than usual results will indicate over-training, and should be used as a sign to back off rom your training intensity and or volume until your morning body temp returns to normal. Could just be a sign of over-training.

Thanks for the tip, minilifter. I’m going to be monitoring it closely over the next several days. I really hope that’s all it turns out to be.

Do you know what your temp normally averages?
I know that mine usually runs in the 96-97 degree range.

That’s part of the problem. I remember as a kid having a temp that was below the normal of 98.6 degrees, but it was only off by a few tenths of a degree. Unfortunately, it’s not something I ever bothered to monitor; so I don’t have a real accurate gauge with which to compare.

I just tested it about 10 min ago and came up with 95.9. It has been in the 97 degree range up until then. I’m looking into Wilson’s Syndrome now (because of a tip I got via PM here at T-mag). It’s interesting stuff. I’m just going to keep monitoring my temp over the next several days and see where I am. I’m certainly not feeling 100% though.