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Low Body Temp, What Next?

Mine is 96.98f in the morming my girlfriend gets 97.88 on the same thermometer. Highest my temperature got all day yesterday was 97.52. Last blood test I scored I think 1.5 TSH but the one before that was 2.5TSH but with free T4 of 16, which is good?

Testosterone between 405-450ng on last 2 tests but 4 years ago it was 730ng. Low energy and low libido, depression and sleep problems, premature ejaculation, no morning wood. But sexual function otherwise normal.

Sleep problems seem much better after starting Prozac, I can fall asleep quickly now for the first time in years. Have also started clomid 12.5mg ED self medicated for the last 5 days and sex drive has improved. Could the low body temperature be the reason my test has almost halved in the last few years? I was ready to jump on self administered trt but feel it is worth exploring this temperature thing first. In the UK and NHS have been a waste of time.

Temp is most likely due to thyroid issues. Your iodine may be low. Do you use iodized salt? If not this is likely the case. KSMan has a thyroid sticky that outlines the details and I will link it below. The drop in T may be due to the SSRI. Can you correlate starting it with the drop in Test?

Prozac is an SSRI so you can forget about good quality morning and spontaneous erections and libido while you’re taking it and others like it. These medications wreck a guys testosterone levels and cause (pituitary disorders) testosterone deficiencies and over time can cause permanent changes to brain chemistry as these are mind altering drugs, they create more problems than they solve. You are mostly likely iodine deficient, you need iodine. This will help raise body temps.

Thanks for the replies. The drop in test was before I started Prozac so definitely can’t blame that. I’ve been having these symptoms for years but dismissed low test after my original test results over 700. I’ve only been on Prozac for a week now and sleep was instantly better. I’m in the uk and had never heard of using iodised salt until I read here. Is there a way I can supplement it instead of using salt? Will read the thyroid sticky now.

That’s why it’s such a widespread problem in certain parts of the world and doctors don’t bother asking about the use of iodine in salt.

Ok ive realised my multivitamin includes both iodine and selenium so I’m getting over 100% of both plus I eat a ton of eggs, fish and dairy. So iodine seems unlikely.

Have ordered my own blood tests for TSH, FT3 & 4 and if they are abnormal will take them to a thyroid specialist doctor. Temperatures always low upon waking. I’ve had these symptoms for years but always told my results are normal - will report back with results and would really appreciate some help with them. Stopped the clomid so I can see what Prozac is doing to me on its own. Feel extremely groggy / foggy and out of it the last couple of days which isn’t out of the ordinary for me but it is particularly bad now. I assume this is the Prozac and not my test levels reducing due to stopping clomid 3 days ago.

Ok got my thyroid results in if someone could please offer some advice. Bloods taken 7.30am

TSH 2.39 (0.27-4.2)
FT4 16.7 (12-22)
FT3 4.26 (3.1-6.8)

Where’s rT3? rT3 blocks fT3 which could explain TSH result. FT4 and fT3 needs to be midrange or better to be optimal, there’s no way doctors would give you treatment at those levels.

Are we allowed to ask what labs we use for blood work? If so -

Stinger, where did you use for your private bloods?

SSRIs are powerful drugs. I absolutely think they have a place in clinical depression when physical causes of depression have been thoroughly investigated.

However SSRIs are not to be taken lightly, they’re not a soft option, they appear to have far reaching effects on your body’s hormones.

I believe SSRIs lower testosterone by increasing prolactin, Which suppresses Gonadotropin releasing hormone from the hypothalamus, Which in turn lowers LH & FSH, and thus testosterone & fertility. Am I correct, Systemlord?

What I’m saying is unless you’re in a bad bad way with depression, I wouldn’t use any antidepressants until you’ve exhausted investigating physical causes & also lifestyle changes (healthy friends, relationships, work & hobbies, reduced recreational drug use, diet & exercise).

Disclaimer I’ve used antidepressants for around 18 months from 2003 & continuously since 2007. On balance I think I probably needed them, and probably still do need them :slight_smile: but I also feel the antidepressantsl in 2003 really lowered my testosterone. Like I said, they’re powerful drugs not to be taken lightly :slight_smile:

GPs prescribe antidepressants for dysthymia - low mood - that’s using a shotgun to crack a nut!

my idiot endo does not know what to order to monitor TRT (well he thinks he knows). I have his script and write any additional tests I want myself. We go over the results and he has no clue, as if he thinks he ordered them all.
AM in the US, but if lab ask who wrote it say the Dr. office. No on even asked me even though drs orders were typed (computer) and mine were by hand.

So you are saying that my levels are good or just that a doctor won’t treat? I’m below the midrange for FT3 which would be 4.95. I’m struggling to understand what you mean.

I use medichecks in the uk. Once again I’ve been on Prozac for only a week or so after 4 years of symptoms. Prozac has not caused any of my symptoms.

Your levels are subclinical and sub optimal, most doctors won’t treat you until you reach disease status where things can’t get worse. fT3 needs to be 75% of the range to be optimal, FT4 needs to be midrange. Try supplementing iodine and selenium to raise levels.

Your sleep problems and anxiety if you have can be caused by Low T. When My T got low enough I could not sleep among other horrible symtoms (e2 crashed too). Dr wanted to give me xanax!! Its a bandaide. I did take it for only 2 nights and I slept like a baby. Now I could have easily said hey xanax is great and been addicted by now. Xanax i think did break the panick that i now believe was caused by testosterone of 200.
So fix the hormone situation and prozac should be very temporary.

Get all the labs systemlord said. Check blood lab sticky too.

With testosterone at 400+ I’m guessing my low free t3 is most likely causing my fatigue and why my test level has decreased so much in the last few years. Already supplementing iodine and selenium. Agree that depression is a secondary symptom for me. I think thyroid is the main cause. Looks like I can’t get treated or buy dedicated thryroid tablets without prescription though, so where does that leave me. I have testosterone vials at home but will hold off on try until I can medicate the thyroid.

I felt like shit 4 years ago even with a test level of 750ng, I had the same symptoms which is why I asked for my testosterone to be measured back then. assuming the blood test didn’t get mixed up or something. At that time TSH was 2.58 and test 750ng so logically it’s the thyroid causing my spymtoms not the test?

You need full labs But I saw this mention in a dr. crissler video . to buy natural dissecated thyroid from new zealand.

Started self medicating with a combined t3/t4 pill. Took 100mcg t4 with 25mcg t3 yesterday. Upon waking my temperature was 37c this morning. Heart rate slightly elevated. Will half that dosage and see how it goes for a week.

Feeling awful at the moment day 13 of Prozac, I can only assume it’s causing a serotonin deficiency before it starts working as I haven’t felt this low, lazy and depressed in the last 12 months.

Update, no noticeable effects from the thyroid medication so far. Body temperature hasn’t reached 37 since that first day. Heart rate no longer elevated when taking T4/t3.

I’m starting to wonder about adrenal fatigue. This all started during a period of high and prolonged stress 5 years ago when I changed career and struggled to cope when newly qualified. I have an extremely low stress tolerance even now and feel ill after a stressful situation. Could today’s low testosterone be a delayed result of adrenal fatigue, which had yet to show up when I first got tested 4 years ago? I can’t establish whether this is something that is recoverable or if I should just started injecting testosterone asap to feel better.

Would really appreciate some help here. Could my slightly underperforming thyroid cause my test level to fall by 40% over 4 years? I don’t know if that’s possible and my research isn’t bringing any results. Could my 750ng testosterone result have been a freak occurrence but usually I’m stuck down in the 400’s?

Must admit I’m getting desperate and I jabbed 150mg of testosterone into my glute yesterday in the vague hope that I feel better in the next few days. All I have is a sore butt cheek today. I’m starting to get so confused by all this and really need some guidance.

Not sure if anyone is reading my thread. Had a consultation with a thyroid specialist who said my numbers show poor conversion to FT3. He appears to know what he is talking about. NHS told me my thyroid is fine after I mentioned it to them the other day. Going to see the specialist which will be expensive and he will prescribe me nature-throid as he says gets best results with this. Not sure if this is any better than self medicating but I guess he can help me get to the bottom of this.

Body temp seems to be rising to 98 now. Terrible insomnia last night. Feel like death today, late for work, literally feel so ill with tiredness. Testosterone shot made no difference to how I feel. I have to come off Prozac as I no longer longer want to workout or fuck, it’s been weeks since I had sex with my girlfriend and I’m still not interested.

Ok I’ve stopped taking Prozac because I can’t handle the complete loss of sex drive and lack of interest in gym. Noticed my body temperature dropped to 35.8 a while after a hard workout but recovered to 37 later in the day. No noticeable feelings from 150mg testosterone shot. I really want to start injecting more but I feel like I need to work out if my thyroid has reduced testosterone levels.