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Low Body Temp 96.5 to 97 Daily

I’ve kinda known about this a couple years did some iodine a few years ago and kinda moved on. Just recently have I decided to refocus on this problem. TRT hasn’t really fixed my chronic fatigue and memory problems so I’ve restarted iodoral 12.5mg 4xday.

Has anyone actually been able to use iodine therapy to fix this type issue and sluggish thyroid?

I had same exact issue and lodoral didn’t work for me.

Did anything work for you to get temp up? Are you on thyroid meds?

No nothing worked. Not on any meds. Considering TRT but not sure I wanna make that leap yet. I had posted in another thread to Ksman about my labs because I had some other borderline issues that I wanted to address but my only option seems like T3 and test replacement right now.

After a week of 4x day 12.5 iodoral and selenium my temp was normal today. Seems to be working for me. I will update as time goes on. It’s been very low for 2 weeks straight until today.

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Update after about a month:
My temp is back to normal. I am still taking 3x 12.5 iodoral and a selenium each day. Will now drop down to two 12.5 iodoral per day, then eventually one as maintenance dose. So far temps are leveling out nicely, and I feel a whole lot better overall.

Great outcome. You need to transition to a maintenance dose, maybe 6.25mg once a week, keep on selenium.

On high dose iodine, TSH labs will always be inflated and then rather useless.

More energy and better clarity of thought? Libido too.

Some have questioned my focus on thyroid, iodine and body temperatures. TRT does not solve all problems if thyroid is not right.

Even I have questioned the body temp theory, especially after reading online that normal body temps can be low in some people. After living both ways, I can attest my mental clarity, energy level, and overall mood is better with my temp over 98. It has been a noticeable difference. I have not had any libido issues before or after, so I can’t really say on that.

I looked into my old labs also, Cortisol was elevated, my RT3 was elevated, and FT3>RT3 ratio was 16, so I have ongoing thyroid issues, but at least I’m giving myself a better chance to recover by optimizing my thyroid with the iodine/idodide and selenium.

FYI - My temp has always been low…my whole life. It normally sits around 96.6 to 96.8

Hoshimotos is what the endo said was causing it, but honestly I think its all stemmed from Epstein bar virus that has infected the entire human race.

This is a great interest peeker for me. I am on a great protocol for TRT. Finally feel like i’ve leveld out, but my energy, libido, mental clarity and moods have been less then steller. I’ve succumbed to the fact that maybe I am just a depressed and sulky, low-energy person. I take the Kelp iodine supplement every day and Selenium every day, I think it works out to 400 mcg each, but maybe I need to up the dosing?

Really need to figure out this last piece of the puzzle. Also, can’t lose weight for nothing. I’ve gained 6 pounds since restating my TRT protocol of SubQ T-cyp and HCG, and hitting the gym a bunch, but want to cut the fat and feel a whole lot better mentally and physically. Sorry to hijack the thread for my personally stuff, but didn’t know where else to post.

P.S. Can taking too much Iodine and Selenium cause any negative issues?

Oh and:
Temperature definitely hovers between 96 and 97 degrees from morning until evening.
Don’t sleep well
Have low-D
ED still happens at times (but that might be from the generally feeling of woe)

Just not sure why nobody can figure my stuff out??? :confused:

I went from 50mg (4) iodoral daily for 3 weeks, to 25 (2), now I’ve been taking 12.5mg (1) daily. It has gotten my afternoon temps between 98.2-98.4. A few times I have hit 98.6. Before it was much lower in the 96.7-97.3 range. The only negative side I have heard, is it will cause your TSH to be high on blood test, but I don’t know what, if any damage that might cause. Probably nothing compared to the hypothyroid feeling that comes with low body temps.

You better take a high quality probiotic with the iodoral, I had the same problem and followed KSman’s protocol. The iodoral completely kills off all the good gut bacteria and allows for the bad bacteria to take hold. I couldn’t digest food and had diarrhea for 3 months, I finally went to a digestion expert and got a stool test. I was diagnosed with C-Diff lost even more gains and have recovered after 4 weeks of probiotics, luckily. Iodoral is NOT the best way to get Iodine, Seaweed and Iodized salt in your food does the trick just fine, or going in the ocean. Im not convinced that this TRT low body temp phenomenon is a thyroid problem, it is certainly a progesterone => Corisol low DHEA problem witch triggers a fight or flight mechanism in the body from high E2 and HCg confusion, after the body shuts down some hormone production from too long of TRT, causing anxiety and blood to be pulled in form the extremities. get the E2 down, try progesterone and 7-Keto DHEA in the morning and let me know how it goes.