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Low Body Fat for Veins?


I notice some strong people and some weak people have them, like when they really stick out of your arm and look somewhat nasty. It is just a low bodyfat and muscle pushing the veins out that causes them to look huge? Or genetics?


Mostly low bodyfat from what I've seen.


low bodyfat is the key...unfortunely makes me look like a herion user at times lol...


It has to do with your bodyfat%, how much water you're holding, and how much blood is in those veins (how pumped up they are).


I know this one kid that is like way to skinny and doesnt eat enough but he has no veins what so ever, does muscle also help push the veins out?


carbing up also helps, and warmer temps.


It means he's skinny fat. Don't talk to him.


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mine come and go depending on how long its been since ive ate and how much water ive had.


Please tell me you know about what "skinny fat" is.


Skinny Fat is when internally someones organs become covered with fat due to poor diet and exercise. A lot of 'skinny' people are actually skinny fat. they may loook moderately healthy because they aren't overweight but being skinny fat is actually worse than being overweight and looking fat for someone actually state of health.


Intravenous drug use actually causes veins to collapse, not become more vascular and visible. It's why, for example, heroin addicts can't shoot up in the same spots they used to.


vascularity is also a bit genetic too, best way to get veiny arms is probably grip work, forearm work, reverse curls etc coupled with low bodyfat, and maybe a carbed up state with a pump


I've noticed in myself the whole carbing up and veins popping thing - anyone know what the connection is?


There is also a big genetic factor, but then again body fat is mostly dependant on genetics (within reason)


Insulin plays a role in vasodilation.