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Low Blood Sugar Levels During Cycle

Hello guys. So, I have been on a test e cycle for around 12 weeks now and everything seems to be fine. But, today when I measured my blood glucose levels they were 63mg/dl which is considered hypoglycemic.
I readed that it may be caused by sleeping disorders since fasted blood sugar levels are highly correlated with cortisol levels, also test block cortisol pretty well.
So, I’d like to know if any of you guys experienced that before, and should I worry about it.

Being on long term TRT has affected my insulin sensitivity and made me more prone to hypoglycemia. My blood sugar drops pretty rapidly when I havent eaten and I can feel the effects (shaky, nauseous, pale)

That’s pretty interesting. Thank you so much for the insight bro.
at least it is not diabetes after all, since we all like to eat more carbs