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Low Bar Squats, Extreme Forearm Pain

I am getting radiating pain from wrist to above the elbow, basically the entire forearm. The pain always comes right when I start squatting with my work weights and then it hurts so bad by the end of squats that I have to ditch all pressing movements because it feels like my forearm is going to snap in half.

Things I have tried:

  • moving my grip wide
  • warming up forearms before squats
  • wrist wraps

None of these have helped. As the squat weights go up, the pain gets worse. It heals with the help of rigorous massaging in between workouts but it comes back with a passion every time.

Here is some video I have of my technique:

This is from a while ago when the weight was light, was not getting pain from this but the technique is the same

Here is more recent

Use full grip, or at least support the bar with your fingers instead of what you’re doing. The bar appears to be giving you a full nelson and it’s putting you in a terrible position with your wrists up on the bar like that.

Ok thanks for the feedback.

I took a break from low bar squats for a week and the pain has gone away I think. Today I will try to do them again, with a normal grip. I have heard that having the pinkies off of the bar can make it easier on this type of pain situation?

I think I’ll also make sure to do my presses first just in case the pain comes back.