Low Bar Squat with Elevated Forefoot

Would having one’s forefoot slightly inclined allow one to hit the glutes and hams harder, if the same depth is reached? Thinking of trying it to go deeper without lower back rounding without compromising tension on glutes and hams. I already squat pretty wide and low bar stance with feet about 40-45 degrees externally rotated.


Seems like it would, considering elevated heels hit the quads harder.

That being said, I’ve never conventionally heard of this being done and it sounds testy. I could be wrong in that regard. Seems like just doing some extra accessory work would be a wiser choice to be honest.

It works great for RDLs and GMs. Personally, I don’t it for squats since it messes with my form. But why not try it and see how it goes for you.

I know a gnarly old powerlifter who made special shoes for himself with an elevated toe for deadlifting