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Low Bar Squat Transition Squat Imporvemet


Sorry about the long title. I know that the low bar squat allows you to lift more weight but I had a pretty impressive improvement today after being stuck for the past 5 weeks or so; not to mention my knees kill me on high bar squats and today I felt zero pain in my knees.

High Bar Squat ATG Numbers
3RM: 325 Very Difficult 1RM: 335

Low Bar Sqaut As far below parallel as I could (First Time Ever trying them today)
315x8 (couldve gotten 10)
335x3 pretty easy
355x1 could do more probably around 365 but didnt want to get ahead of myself on the first day

I know 20lb improvement isnt huge or anything but I have literally been stuck at 300-320lb for a max rep range of 1-3 for well over a month. I was wondering if anyone else sees this kind of imporovement right away and if low bar squats should be worked in a lower rep range or however my normal squat routine would go just with low bar. Thanks


If you're going "as far below parallel as I can" then make sure your lower back isn't rounding at the bottom.


Im pretty sure my back isnt rounding I was trying to make myself aware of that; the low bar squat was below parallel I just didnt want to say ATG because they arent quite as low as my high bar squat.

One thing I did wonder is that it feels like I have some pretty serious forward lean on the top of my squat but it feels much better as I get into depth. Could this just be having to get used to the new positioning/load of the bar?