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Low Bar Squat Technique

Have recently noticed some achey knee pain post workout when trying to creep up in weight whilst low bar squatting. Just wondering whether you guys are able to crtitique my form. I don’t think the knee movement is too far forward but perhaps there is too much movement in and out of the hole?

Not without a video we can’t

Video not available

Push your knees outwards, dont use a wider stance than your flexibility allows, knees tracking over the toes.

^^^ Are you saying to have his knees track over his toes or are you stating that they are?

Didn’t see any video so just threw out some general advice. And I meant to keep the knees pointing in same directions as the foot, but guess I put it wrong. Dont know what movement he is talking about in and out of the hole, but it could be that his knees buckle inwards because of weak glutes.