Low Bar Squat Form

Towards the 4th 5th reps i lean over a bit, like a goodmorning is this something to worry about

Overall good job. Fantastic lumbar control. Your wrists are nice and flat and I’m confident you’re using a thumbless grip. You do a great job at maintaining the back angle out of the hole and don’t lead with the chest. You’re hitting depth on each rep without dropping too deep, which would only remove tension from the hamstrings.

Now what can be improved:

For starters, your form check angle. Squat form checks are best done from a side rear angle.

You have a bit of a knee slide issue that tends to improve as the set goes on. I have the same problem.
You are also squatting on your toes. This I believe is the root of your problem. Watch what your feet do as you initiate each rep. This may be an issue with your shoes. Have you ever considered a squat shoe with a raised heel?

Looking pretty good form wise. Nothing glaringly off of needing fixing. Plenty of good vids on YouTube. Watch learn and implement tips and cues one at a time and see which work for you. Can link some if you wish but you’ll probably have your hands full with the ones below for a while.

There’s a little bit of hip shooting up good morning squat going. Try these: