Low Bar Squat Form


Tried squating with a low bar for the first time last night and would really appreciate some feedback on my form.

In the vid I’m squatting 160kg (my high bar max is 165kg) and it felt ok, a bit of sticky patch as you can see, but didn’t feel like I was grinding too much.

Definitely felt different to a high bar position and not sure my form is that great… Should I be picking my hips back more on the descent?

Any help much appreciated!

It looks fine. You’re keeping your upper body tight and driving from your hips and legs. It’s not necessary to change your hip position. The lower bar placement makes it easier on your lower back which allows you to use more weight. The greater torso angle forces your hamstrings to work a bit harder. Basically you’re using the same amount of strength from all muscle groups in the high bar but getting a bit more out of your hamstrings and lower back. No need to place more emphasis on your hips unless you plan to widen your stance, which doesn’t look necessary.

It’ll just take a bit of time getting used to.

[quote]lift206 wrote:
The lower bar placement makes it easier on your lower back [/quote]

I’ve heard this a few times lately and I don’t really understand it. I’m not saying you’re wrong but I would like to hear/be pointed to the reasoning as it is counter intuitive (for me).