Low Bar Squat Form Check

I’ve done a lot of work trying to improve from before (bar path used to be way ahead of where it should be, chest collapsing etc). Any critique welcome.

Should I be pressing my neck back into the bar?

Your squat looked fine, but that was not a remotely challenging weight for you.

I also squat low bar and I don’t recommend thinking about “pressing your neck back into the bar”. I just get the bar where it belongs and keep my neck in the same position during the entire set, which is looking slightly downward for me.

My only critique is that nursery naptime music is a very poor choice for squatting.

Weight wasn’t challenging but I thought to try with a lighter load. Thanks for neck advice. Daughter was asleep, but I might use the lullaby to train to in future!

I would suggest making it more challenging, either by increasing the load or performing more repetitions. After your daughter wakes up, of course.