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Low Bar Squat Form Check


Really keen on doing a powerlifting meet, but I feel like my squat is letting me down, this is my first time trying low bar with 225, just wanted to get some feedback on how to make this less of a good morning,


That doesnt look much like a good morning squat to me. With low bar there is always going to be some degree of forward lean.


Great squat. I don't see much forward lean at all.


Thanks, i guess that transition from high bar to low bar makes that forward lean feel much more, then what it actually is. Good to know that i'm not doing anything too fundamentally wrong and i wont get the red lights when i do decide to do my first meet! haha


I will say that you come forward some it appears on your toes near the bottom, and your knees come forward quite a bit. Try to push back against the bar, pack your chin back and into your neck and sit back.


In my understanding, a squat morning is where the hips rise faster than the shoulders out of the bottom, basically because the knees extend faster than the hips. Your knees extend in good unison with your hips.

However, you do seem to be leaning forward. It's hard to tell from the side, but I would guess that your knees are collapsing in somewhat. Push them out and your squat will look better.


Some butt wink going on. I suggest working on hip mobility at least 4 days a week. I'll make a pitch for Kelly Starrett's book.

In general, it's very solid looking. I also agree with the comments about the forward lean. This will become more of an issue with heavier loads and a fatigued state. Technical problems are revealed completely at 90%.


I appreciate all the feedback, and technical points. Yeah, I do notice the buttwink, so I'll definitely look into Kelly starrett's book and hit mobility 4 times a week. I guess I was focused on trying to find the right groove on my back for low bar and I get a bit lazy with my head/neck, I need to be proactive with packing my neck, because I think that will help with forward lean and pushing my knees out. I'm going to get another video of my squats tonight!


Bring your elbows under the bar more, you'll lean forward less.


Also watch your forward knee travel. It's a real subtle piece, but you'll feel it when you find it. After you start moving down, push/pull your butt back. You will feel your hamstrings stretch and engage more.

More hip mobility will help you stay more upright but there will always be forward lean. Just keep your chest up.


When I switched from High Bar to Low Bar squatting I had to mental cue driving my hips more to rely less on my quads. My first few low bar Squats felt like I was leg pressing the floor away until I started using more hip drive.