Low Bar Squat Form Check

Im new to T-Nation. This video is me squatting 330lbs low bar in adidas powerlift shoes.

I have same length femur as torso according to what i measure but from here it looks like femur is longer?

1.General Form
2.Knees too far forward? Do i need more sit back?
3. If I initiate the squat with hips trying to aim for vertical shin, I will end up with Parallel torso to floor and sit way too far back and thats ridiculous,
4.Any cues to ensure that the hips dont rise first out of hole?
5. I always try to think more knee break than hip break.

I’d say you look ok… The whole vertical shin thing is mainly a geared cue, if you youtube some big raw squatters (eric lilliebridge and dan green to name a couple) you’ll see that their knees track forward. So don’t worry about really vertical shins, if your femurs are really long tho you will have to bend over a bit to avoid your knees getting too far past your toes. I tend to get bent over pretty bad out of the hole too but just trying to focus on it and really forcing my back into the bar helps me. Also any reason for the slow decent?