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Low Bar Squat Bar Uneven


When squatting the barbell is uneven on my back.
It feels like I have trouble getting my left shoulder tight.
I tried doing shoulder dislocations/ band pull aparts before squatting.
If I take a very narrow grip the bar is less uneven but then I get pain in my left elbow the day after.
Below are some videos of me low bar squatting:


Are you right handed? Could just be that you have more meat on the right side.

Also it looks like you're not gripping the bar the same on each side.


That doesn't look too atrocious to me. Definitely don't go narrower if your elbow hurts. I messed both up doing that and now I have to grip pretty much at the sleeves.

Maybe put the bar slightly higher?


Form looks pretty good really except for hand position. It is pretty wide and right hand definitely isn't on the bar quite as much, which is a little interesting since you mentioned the problem was your left shoulder.

I would work on really opening up those shoulders, a few band dislocations before squatting isn't going to get it. You are going to have to really spend some time working on soft tissue quality and mobility. I would recommend really going at the pecs and anterior shoulder with a lacross ball as well as some mobility work.

Here is a good start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-nk-wqPFxc. This guy has a ton of videos and all good stuff.


Thanks for the answer.
I will start rolling my pecs/ anterior shoulder and do mobility work.