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Low Bar Squat - Bar Position

Here it goes…the dreaded form check pic. I guess this disqualifies me from being able to run Kypteia. I’m trying change to low bar squat and want to make sure I’ve got the bar position correct. I train at home so I’m trying to learn this on my own. It feels pretty weird but the bar isn’t shifting when I squat so I think I’ve got it right. It’s killing my left wrist but I’m guessing I’ll get used to that.


If you could get a pic from the side that would definitely help in seeing how far down your back the bar is sitting. With that said though, the bar position appears fine.

As for wrist pain, mess around with the direction your elbows are pointing by bringing them more underneath the bar. You don’t necessarily need yiur forearms to end up perfectly vertical, but you may be able to bring them closer to underneath the bar. Give it a try!

Looks okay, Video’s from the side are much better for form checks though.

I used to have a lot of wrist pain squatting, needed my hands out near the plates.
Band Pull aparts and Face Pulls helped a lot

That looks okay. I also switched to low bar squats, and at first it felt strange but now I like it more than high bar squats and can handle heavier loads. As for wrist pain, just play around to find a position that feels natural and doesn’t cause much discomfort. Try different distances on the bar, etc… to find something that works.

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Pretty good form. I don’t experience wrist pain, more so than I experience this pinching just under the back side of my ribs from Low bar, due to intense bracing. Low bar is really only my trump card for heavier days. Perhaps try some wrist wraps just to stabilize them. And on lighter days for squatting maybe switch back to high/middle bar. I think it’s best interest if you master all types of bar positions and stances as well. But all In all good form.