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Low Bar Position


I just recently watched a vid of myself and realized i may not have the bar in the right position. This is exactly where i keep it when i squat. Right across my shoulder blades thats where i put it on my back and always have..is there anything wrong with this.


That looks high to me. I made a video demonstrating how/where I set up for low bar squats. See if it helps you.


My arms dont go down that low ill try it next time though.


Im very upright when i squat. I have managed to squat 495 this was would trying to switch be worth it? Do you think it would add more lbs to my squat because of better leverages?

Everytime i have tried in the past to put the bar that low it felt like my hands were taking all the weight


If your hands are holding the weight, you're too upright. Your back should be holding the weight.

That said, it'll be up to you to decide what works for you. Just do what helps you lift the most weight.


So basically. I should be leaning my upper back forward a bit? Should it be resting on top of my delts or in the middle?


I don't really think of it as resting on any part of the delts, I just try to sink it down as low as I can. A forward lean of the upperback becomes pretty crucial for it.


Im gonna go to the gym in about an hour and try it can you check it out on the morning ?


I gotta chime in on this... A forward lean of the back is not desirable. You want to have the bar resting on your back obviously, and the hands should be a stabilizer and a means to draw the bar in harder but not be really weight bearing. Watch any great squatter and he will squat with the chest pushed out really hard, and the torso will be quite vertical. Be it Malanichev, Karwoski, Olech, Fedosienko etc etc... they all squat low bar with a fairly upright torso and certainly no upper back lean or round. Obviously there are exceptions (Sumner for eg) but IMHO the best technical squatters don't.


Is there anything wrong with doing a hybrid style? Higher bar position with low bar mechanics? (Higher bar position sitting back and spreading knees?) I just watched a 60 year old guy squat very similar to exact style i have been using he squated 600 lbs at age 60! Lol


Here is how i squat im going just below parallel do you see anything wrong with this?


Looks good man, only suggestion I could give you is to try to get more of a bounce out of the hole.


You dont find anything wrong with doing the Hybrid style in the video above?


The only way a squat can be technically unsound I can think of is if the bar gets away from being over midfoot. Should be like a plum line. If you're back rounds whether or not it causes the bar to move out of line with midfoot. And excessive knee cave in. Also if you end up on your toes.

The rest is just whatever personally works for you. You'll find successful squatters with all kinds of styles especially in raw and single ply. From people like Eric Lilliebridge and Konstantin Pozdeev with they're narrower more quad dominant ways to the way Rob Wilkerson squats and everything inbetween.

It's really hard to say if a lower bar position would be more optimal for you personally. Give it a few weeks and see if you like it.

edit: I just saw your thread about your hips. Low bar will stress them more than high bar. Just a heads up.


What do ya think about my video up there. If I continue to squat that way should I be OK? That was more of a high bar placement but with a low bar execution. Feels great to me. I tried low bar position tonight felt like I was killing myself lol I don't like the leaning over. Also my shoulders and wrists ouch. Not for me. I figure if I can get up to 495 this way without getting injured I should be alright.

I feel literally no back pain this way. But I do notice when I get down deep in the hole my outter thighs get tight as hell the further down I go. Like when I spread my knees the outside of my legs get pains. Feel like something is too tight down there. Hamstrings hips no idea but I know it isn't the it bands. Any idea what could make the outter thighs ache when spreading knees apart?


Finally a video that explains low bar set-up simply. Have found both this and your deadlift video really helpful mate so thank you very much!


Squat looks fine to me. If you want to try a lower bar position, try it. If it feels better, great. But bar position is one of those things that is completely individual. I know people who squat with the bar as high on their traps as they can get it, and people who squat with the bar as low on their back as their shoulders will allow, and everything in between. You just need to find what feels best and work with that. And from looking at the vid of your squat, your bar position (although fairly high) seems to be working fine for you.

So I wouldn't mess with it, unless you feel that your squat might improve significantly with a lower bar position. And even then, it might not be worth it.... if you are still getting stronger with a higher bar, reap those gains for a while. it will help make your core stronger, and lots of great squatters trained high bar for huge chunks of the year, because it has great carryover to a lower bar squat. Then, if your gainzzz stop, or you decide to compete and the BIGGEST SQUAT is all that matters, maybe it is time to start experimenting/switch to a lower bar. But for know I would just keep doing what you're doing.