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Low Back Spasm

Do you have any feedback from atheletes on rehabilitating lower back muscle spasm.

I had a bad low back muscle spasm one year ago, have not been able to perform bent-over row, deadlift, or back squats since. I just now experienced another back spasm doing SLDL. Do I have scar tissue that affects the proper recruitment of hams or do I just need to put more focus on strengthening my lower back through core stretches and exercises?

As you know, I dont really like to answer injury related questions. Your best bet is to see an ART provider in your region.

The closest ART practitioner is over 100 miles away. I visited physical therapist, but she was less than helpful. I know there is a massage therapist in town that has a working knowledge of myofascial release, would that be acceptable substitute.

Probably worth a shot. In any case, it will be better than some advice you’ll get on the net, even if it’s by someone with decent knowledge.