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Low Back/SI Joint? Please See Pictures


I've been dealing with a nagging injury for a year now. My left part of my low back/upper glute (the spot is RIGHT below the pointy bone) gets really sore and causes a sharp pain after squatting/deadlifting/leg pressing. Nothing seems to instantly resolve it and it does lessen after a few days.

I've focusing on strengthening my core and glutes, but this isn't going away. It feels like it needs to "pop" and only hurts when I try to stick my butt out/arch my low back.

Has anyone experienced this injury? Please see the pictures referencing the exact location. When I feel the area with my hands, I can feel a tendon/muscle move back and forth as well. It feels jelly like in a sense.




Where you are pointing at is right at the level of your PSIS (posterior inferior iliac spine). That is the bony point you are referring to. Typically, pain in this region does indicate SI joint involvement. Compare it to the other one. Does it feel a bit lower? If this is the case you are out of alignment. This malalignment can cause gapping in the joint causing the nagging pain. Luckily, this can be fixed pretty easily by a muscle energy technique.

Try lying on your back and raise your left leg up to 90/90 hip and knee position while leaving your right leg flat on the floor. Once you are in this position, resist hip flexion on the left side to activate your hip flexor (push down on your left leg while maintaining the 90/90 position). At the same time, drive your right leg into the floor using your glute on your right side. The simultaneous activation of your left hip flexor and your right glute max will rotate the innominates of the pelvis. Do 3 sets x 5 seconds twice daily. Typically with muscle energy techniques, you won't feel instantaneous relief. However, usually by the next day it should feel significantly better if it is truly an SI problem. Good luck.