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Low Back Rounding


Hey all, i would like to get more stability in my lower back so i can generally get down deeper without it rounding and pick up objects without the extent of it now. My lower back/lumbar region is pretty flexible right now, and i would like to improve on it so i have more of a neutral spine, im sure i found an article that addressed a similar issue before, anyone have some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


Do squats, deadlifts, and other exercises with a neutral spine.


I do so, but i have found it hasn't had a carryover effect and i would like to work on some stability for my low back to take away some of it's flexible ability.






Is it just a cause of stetching the hip flexors and improving ab strength? I notice i struggle to do a plank for just 30s


Try stretching your hamstrings.


your low back is rounding due to a lack of flexibility, its called lumbar flexion.

improve hip mobility


Thanks for the suggestions, i have good hamstring flexibility, hip mobility is also decent, i think a big part of this is due to what im certain i have - Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction.


have you thought about making your back stronger?


I have, but im limited to what i can do, i think i can direct the problem more once my medical conditions aren't present.


this is the same as me. With my legs straight my hip crease can hit 90 degrees and hip mobility is good but still rounds and I suspect I had SI but has healed now

one of my friends has the worst hamstring flexibility but his back stays perfectly arced.


If you want to work on neutral spine while squatting or deadlifting try a drill I use a lot when teaching kettlebell swings. I use this drill to teach proper hip hinge but it still re enforces neutral spines. Place a long broom stick on your back. Be sure to hit 3 points of contact: tailbone, mid thoracic and the back of your head. Practice bodyweight squats and hinging at the hips like you would in a sumo squat. Work the movement. Another great drill is to face a wall with your toes close to the wall and squat. Work on getting to parallel or lower with your toes touching the wall. The wall will keep you from bending at the waist and rounding your lower back.