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Low Back Pumps from Pre-Workout

I’ve been dealing with low back pumps on and off for a while now. I don’t take gear. But sometimes take creatine or Orr workout like no xplode or something. And a cpl weeks in. I end up getting crazy crazy low back pumps. Even with little activity. Bam low back is tight and pumped like crazy. Can’t even dribble a damn basketball for 5 min sometimes. Normally when I’d quit the supps for a cpl weeks the pumps would go away. This time they’re not though. I recently bought potassium and taurine. I take 3 grams taurine. And 1 pill of potassium. Is there anything else to try? It’s driving me crazy

Do you get these during upper body work, or only lower body? Flaws in DL or squat technique can make the lower back pump happen really easily. I get them occasionally. I doubt creatine has much to do with them, but who knows.

For me, when I get them (which is during squats and DLs), I’ll go from straight sets to super or giant sets. I’ll pick exercises that don’t tax the low back at all for the other exercises. So for example if my back is flaring up during squat, I’ll add in chins, and perhaps something like a seated curl. I then will usually only be hitting my squat sets every 10 minutes. Don’t wait until you are in a full flair up to start doing this (I find once I am flared up, it is tough to come back from).

Many people seem to get a lot out of reverse hypers for low back pain. Might be worth a try.

Look to you hips also. I find that when hips are tight, the back pump is more likely. I find when I walk more often (which for me seems to help the hips), I get less low back issues. I have found doing full rom single leg presses on the leg press, or lunges seem to help too.

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You can try any type of potato or a cup of fresh spinach, or most types of legumes and get more potassium amongst other things than you could out of 4 or 5 pills.

Nitric oxide in the blood is a vasodialator, hence the pumps. When you take things that increase NO2, it increases the effect, but is also a natural physiological response to exertion and basically unavoidable (as it should be).

Does no have lasting effects? I’m wondering what exactly stays in me for so many weeks. Creatine. And or something else

No, your body actually produces NO2 as a natural response to exertion.

Even without any supplements. It’s not a lasting effect. It’s the human body’s natural way of increasing blood flow.

I know creatine for sure causes me to have low back pumps. And some pre workouts do too. Even creatine free ones. I just can’t fig out why it gets soooooo bad.

Maybe you got a weak back or other muscle imbalance causing your back to fatigue early or be over worked?

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You’re actively building muscle in the low back?

I dunno.

I’ve only heard of people talking about this as a negative in the past couple of years.

I mean I get a pump just walking. So it’s stupid annoying. It gets incredibly tight. Can’t even bend to pick up a basketball after 5 min of dribbling

I’m strong everywhere. It’s just a weird pump feeling that happens just standing at the sink doing dishes. Even walking. Small activity where it shouldn’t. It’s linked to creatine and pre workout for sure. Just trying to find answers on why exactly it’s so intense with me

Maybe pump is the wrong word then.

How are you sure it’s linked to pre workout if you stopped the supps and the pump is still there? I believe this is a case of post hoc ergo propter hoc. My O/U is 95% this is a mechanical issue.

Even if you’ve taken any supp that facilitates vasodilation, you only pump a muscle by recruiting it. You’re not gonna get a chest pump unless you bang out some presses, flyes, etc. The question is why are you firing your spinal erectors so much on basic everyday tasks like walking and standing.

Could be any combination of core/glutes not properly activating, anterior pelvic tilt/excessive lordosis, shortened psoas, etc. Can’t know without a full assessment.

Just curious, give these a shot for a few rounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbemelnkHag

Then try walking and see how your lower back feels.

Yeah I think it’s a combo too. Creatine. Because it pulls water to the muscle. And my posture. I have slight apt but nothing crazy. And yeah it literally feels like my erectors are firing away. I’m not sure if it’s more on the weaker side of abs or glutes. I do lots of glute work because i thought it was lazy glutes at first. There was a good 2 weeks where I would do reverse hyper extensions and the effects weren’t as bad. I kept doing them though and the pumps came back.

I’ve started hitting abs more to see if that will help. It’s like no matter what I can’t get my erectors to turn off.

And I know it’s the supplements because if I start like no xplode 2mrw or creatine mono. In 1-2 weeks the pumps will be wayyyyyyy worse.

And I say when I quit. It takes like 2 weeks to go back to normal. This time im a little over 3 weeks. But this has been an off and on thing for a while.

It just never got as bad as it is this time

I saw maybe since pre workout and high sodium shit diet makes me use the bathroom more then maybe it’s an electrolyte imbalance. I see lots of ppl saying to take potassium. I’m so I’m thinking that’s it more then anything else

I seen the blood vessels constrict if your low so I think my back over works because my abs and glutes aren’t 100% maybe. And the pre workout just enhances them working and getting blood and lactic acid in there. Then low potassium keeps it locked in there

It’s literally the same feel as doing curls

If I lay down it goes away within about 5 minutes. And will normally return if I try to be active again.

I just wish I could take some pre workout and creatine without worrying about when or how hard it’s gonna hit. So I’d really like to know what I need to do to be able to do that.

I get about 80-100 ounces of water a day. Could I still be dehydrated maybe??? Even with that much. I piss clear. But pre does hit me hard. I swear like a mf sometimes.

I second @jskrabac, it seems as if you’ve identified a false pattern. Whatever mechanical issue is the underlying cause has been getting worse over time, in an ebb and flow manner and unfortunately aligned enough with your supplementation to believe that is the culprit.

TL;DR: prioritise seeing a physio. My back has done funky things whenever I’ve had slipped ribs.

I had an mri. Went to pt. Everything. Plus 3 of my 4 friends I lift with regularly get the same feeling as me. Just not as bad. It’s 100% creatine and certain pre workouts.

Contradicting yourself here.

What are lazy glutes? And what exactly does lots of glute work look like?

What are you doing for abs? I’m not really talking about crunches or leg raises, but rather activation exercises like the one I posted. Did you try the dead bugs? I’m guessing no, as you are stuck on the supplements and looking for a magic fix-all pill.

Ok…so it’s getting progressively worse and literally goes away if you lay down…yet, it’s definitely the supplements that haven’t even been in your system for 3 weeks, right? Lol.

Ok, fair speculation; however, why is it not causing the same issue systemically? Charley horses in your hamstrings, calves, triceps, etc? Even if you have an electrolyte imbalance (which is actually very very rare by the way…I was only there briefly after my first bodybuilding competition due to 3 days of diuretics, and was fine after a bottle of pedialyte), then there’s still something mechanically wrong with your lower back, as it’s the only muscle group affected.

See! You get it!

FWIW, I drink about 200oz a day. Couldn’t hurt to try more.

Then stop taking it? I’ve never used one as I don’t handle caffeine well. Could be the same for you.

Nope, not everything. Not even close. MRI won’t tell you anything and 99% of PTs don’t know shit about dick. It took me years to find a few who could actually help me with my low back and pelvic pain, both very similar to alot of what you’re describing. One specialized in visceral manipulation therapy and the second did dry needling. Both have been life changers.

Awesome, so you’re lifting with guys who probably have similarly bad form and reinforce your issues. “Totes the creatinez, bruh!”

In any case, you sound fixated on the notion that this is from creatine, so I fully acknowledge I nor anyone else will be able to convince you otherwise at this time. I still left all my responses here in case you want to revisit this thread a few months down the road when you’re still having lower back issues despite stopping all pre-workout supplements. Best of luck.

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Not trying to contradict myself. I understand it’s multiple things. But my point is without ever starting creatine or pre workout. It would’ve never happened.

It’s not that we have bad form

We could literally toss the football around and all exp the same pump feeling

You get 200 ounces of water daily?? I’ll try to shoot for 140-180. See how that goes.

And yeah I quit. I just wish I could find a way to enjoy the effects of some supps without having to worry about it coming back

Let’s say it was low water intake. Would that make sense?

Sorry can’t see every point you made I’m on mobile and don’t know how work this crap

Ok? Perhaps it was the stimulus to reveal the problem, but it’s not the source. This is like if you posted on here how much overhead press hurts your neck, and if you didn’t start overhead pressing you wouldn’t have felt the neck pain. Then, a few posts later reveal that you were recently in a high speed traffic collision that involved heavy whiplash. And you still insist the problem is the overhead press…because that’s when you feel the pain.

You’re right. Getting crippling pumps in your lower back from all activity is totally normal.

No. It could help, but won’t address the underlying mechanical issue you’re experiencing.

Like I said, no one’s gonna convince you that your issue is mechanical. I just hope in a few months you revisit this thread when you finally are ready to accept that.

I love this response so much that merely clicking the heart isn’t enough. Ace!

Ha! Thanks. Sadly, I’m thinking I’ve been duped by a pretty sophisticated troll.

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