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Low Back Pain

I was wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar pain that I am experiencing. It is in my lower back. Above my belt line, and just to the right of my spine. It is a steady pain virtually all of the time. The pain doesn’t project down my leg, but my hamstring on my right leg gets very tight. It is most noticeable while sitting. Either driving or at work. I’ve been through PT, but it didn’t help. Now, my doctor is setting me up with an orthopaedic surgeon. It’s been going on for almost a year now, and I don’t remember if there was something that I did to cause the problem. Any ideas ?

Well, I will tell you one thing, the surgeon is most likely gonna recommend surgery!! That is waht they do and what they know, so that is what they will recommend. To me, that would be the last option…I don’t wanna get cut, ecer. BEFORE you go with surgery, I would look for help from an ART/Chiropractic practitioner. Also, it may be helpful to look up a MedX clinic as they tend to specialize in low back problems. The MedX site has a locator for each state (www.medxonline.com). BTW Tim Patterson used to work for MedX.

Years of throwing freight in a grocery store gave me chronic back pain, nothing major, but just a constant dull pain. Doctors would give me pain pills and muscle relaxers, and tell me to take it easy, but did nothing to fix the problem. I had always been leary of Chiropracters, but I decided to see one who also did ART, (I was also having shoulder issues). After one visit I had no lower back pain. It did come back, but after about 4 visits, it has almost completely disappeared. Give it a shot.

Thanks for the suggestions, but what is an ART Chiropractor?

Where were you when I asked about low back pain and ART chiros a couple weeks ago?!? Ok, jk, but seriously, how long has it been since you last visited him? I’ve heard from a couple people who have seen ART practitioners, but everyone went for shoulder problems, and I haven’t gotten any input on low back problems. Thanks for any help.


I went to a certified ART chiropractor for seven visits and got no relief from my sciatica. It didn?t work for me. I thought it would be the sure fix after all I read about it on the site, but no luck!

I am currently seeing a Chiro/ART person and it is going well. I have been seeing her for shoulder and low back problems. Like I said in another thread, ART (and chiropractic care, for that matter) can take a lot of time depending on how bad your are and/or how long you have been that way. I have been seeing my person about 2 months now. Intially it was for 3 times per week, then reduced to 2, then reduced to 1, and now 1 time every 2 weeks. Eventually, it will be cut to once per month and then if that goes well, I am done. A lot of people think that one or two ART sessions is gonna heal you up perfectly. I don’t know where y’all got that idea, but it is so wrong. It takes can take many sessions. Sure, one or two sessions can help releive pain, but it will come back if the thing that is causing the pain is not taken care of - and that is what can take a lot of time. It helps to see a person who does both ART and Chiro as they can loosen the muscles, tendons and ligaments up and then make some adjustments which may be causing that kind of tightness/pain. You can search the activerelease.com site for a person in your area. Also, don’t forget to look into a MedX clinic; from what I hear they can really help with low back pain.

I had a very similar muscle ache in my low back. I finally went to a chiro and had my lumbar region x-rayed. Even I could see immediately on the x-ray that the 4-5 lower vertabrae were curved to the side instead of straight. After checking a few things the chiro measured my legs and the left was almost 3/8’s of an inch shorter than the right. This caused a forward tilt to the left side of my pelvis and the curve in my backbone. The curve was causing undo stretching to the muscles in my lumbar region. I began wearing a heal lift in my left shoe and had my back adjusted for 3 times each week for a month. And after that about once a week. It very rarely bothers me now and when it does I can relieve the pain by sitting in a chair and twisting to the right and left until my back cracks both ways. I couldn’t do this before the doc loosened me up with serveral months worth of treatments. Hope this helps.

What you most probably have is a mild case of disc hernia. I suffered a L5/S1 hernia leading to severe sciatica about 4 years ago. From my experience the best thing you can do is to leave it alone and don’t do anything to aggravate it.This means no heavy squatting or deadlifting. Most hernias heal by itself over time. For my problem I’ve seen numerous phisiotherapists, chairopractors and specialists but none really helped.

“ART” stands for Active Release Technique. T-mag did a piece on it a year or two ago. Why not check the SWIS website for a doctor in your area? Go to swis.ca and click on the directory and do a search for a doctor in your area. There aren’t many who are members, but try anyway. I found my current chiropractor at the SWIS symposium in Sept. As luck would have it, he is located right near my work. I have had major improvement since being treated by him. He is the first chiro I’ve seen who even works out. I’ve been doing airline work for over 13yrs (a major recipe for back pain) as well as weight training for 25 yrs. He advised me to drop deadlifting and squatting until I can strengthen my weak low back. Really don’t miss either exercise since being tall I can’t squat for crap anyway. Deadlifts I love but they cause more back pain than they are worth. This guy told me many chiropractors are “stupid” and only in it for the money; most don’t even exercise, so how can they understand what you are experiencing? It really helps to find a practicioner who works out. Try the SWIS search. You may luck out.

Bro I am going through the same thing and have been since mid-July. If you stand up a lot at work and work full time your lower back and hamstrings get strained. The next thing you know is it will hurt to walk, bend over, and lay on your stomach. If you can go get another job that doesn’t make you stand up for so long or at all.

Its been about six monthes since my last visit. I am thinking about going back though, I do not think that I have good range of motion in my right shoulder, and my badck has been a little tight, but nothing compared to what it used to be.

It may or may not work for some people. I was lucky and did not have any severe damage.