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Low Back Pain

Hello Jim.

In the past I had time to time low back pain but I ignored it because it just let go for pretty long time. Last week I felt it again, pain like a tension in my low back (especally right side) after Deadlift or Squat session. For example today after my deadlifts I start felling this kind of tension and it become more teasing when I started doing Good Monings.

Any suggestion what it could be and what I should to do?

Obviously the first thing to say is to go to your doctor or physio, but I was starting to have lower back pain too. It was coming from an anterior pelvic tilt. I started using the defranco agile 8 to warm up, started doing daily mobility stuff, and threw in more work for the glutes and hamstrings. It has improved things for me. How is your mobility?

Honestly, not that good. I just started doing Agile 8 few days ago.

I’ve read that with anterior pelvic tilt or that butt wink can cause lower back pain with squatting. I was having the same problem and did a little research. I need to work on my form so this isn’t an issue. T-Nation just posted a really good article about squat form and correcting it the other day.

It’s not technique problem.

[quote]-Adrian wrote:

Any suggestion what it could be and what I should to do?[/quote]

You need to see a specialist - no one is qualified to diagnose over the internet, especially me. Get it checked out and work with someone who is qualified to solve the problem. No sense in making a problem worse.